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Keith Stanfield Will Ensure That Jordan Peele’s “Get Out” Be A Hit

Ever since I first saw Bug (Keith Stanfield) chase Malcolm (Shameik Moore) down for one shoe in Dope, I’ve been absolutely in awe of the way Stanfield portrays his characters. Bug was not just some supporting antagonist used to punctuate Malcolm’s character development, at least not to me. I wondered about Bug. I waited on the edge of my seat for his next […]

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Green Lantern Corps Fancast

  When the lineup for Warner Brothers/DC’s Justice League film was announced many of us noticed that a certain founding member, Hal Jordan, was missing and myself included were hoping for John Stewart to appear. Well awhile back it was announced that Earth’s Green Lantern would be getting a feature film on the DC comics slate titled “Green Lantern Corps” implying […]

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‘Arrival’ Movie Review

By: Avram Vargas This review is slightly late, but I do think many should see this film. Arrival is one of this year’s best films, and it oddly enough holds some small relevance to my country’s current situation. It’s not an obvious parallel, but there is something to be said about standing together during conflict. I must also say this […]