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2018 GRAMMYs Spotlight: Juanes

Looking back at my upbringing as a member of the Latinx community, there are certain musicians that come to mind when I think about musical icons, one of them being Juanes. […]

My Experience at WizardWorld New Orleans

By: J’Neia Stewart WizardWorld puts on cons all over the United States throughout the year in cities including New Orleans, Philadelphia, Chicago, and St. Louis to name a few. So, […]

GOC’s Top 10 Films of 2017

As we approach the New Year, we reflect on 2017 to recall the amazing things that occurred during a time that tended to give us more stress, uncertainty, and pessimism […]

Nobody Wins when the Family Feuds: Ava DuVernay’s visionary video

"You know its the constant lack of respect that you show me and this family that pisses me off. Do you have any idea how important today is? Lack of judgment! Respect! You have not FUCKING honor!". His words set the stage for a dramatic display of family dysfunction between himself, his sister, and his sister's lover which collides and results in two unforgivable acts.

Best Comic Book Movies of 2017

It almost seems that every year is the ‘best year for comic book movies’ and in 2017 one can make an argument for it being the best. This year there […]