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An Open Letter to Ryan Coogler

By: Nicholas Williams Ryan Coogler has his work cut out for him. In 2018 he’ll have to deliver a film about one of the most important and influential black superheroes […]

All PoC Justice League Fancast

  By: Mikey If you follow me on Twitter, you know I’m a huge fan of Zack Snyder’s DC Extended Universe—but I can’t deny that the films have some problems, […]

A Letter to Carrie

  Dear Carrie, Today the world became a little less bright without you in it. You were a star that shined so bright that your warmth touched us all far […]

What Carrie Fisher Means to Me

By: Avram Vargas Princess. General. Rebel. Author. Script Doctor. Feminist. Fighting Spirit. Carrie Fisher. We have lost many beautiful talents this year, but the departure of Carrie Fisher has gutted me […]

3 Hispanic Directors to Look Out For

By Manny Castellanos One of the many things that makes a film great are the people behind the camera. The one with the story, the vision, the passion. With each […]

An Open Letter to Fox: We Need To Talk

By:Mikey On this fine day in the winter of 2016, it’s come to my attention that Fox is still attempting with the darndest of chances and dirtiest of fingers to […]