Woman of Wonder: Diana’s Impact

If you follow me on my Twitter account, (@Mikey_Talks), you know that I incessantly retweet, like, and share things about the upcoming Wonder Woman film, featuring Chris Pine, Robin Wright, […]

Diversity Does Not Equal Representation

The word ‘diversity’ has bothered me for a long time, simply because it seems inappropriate to use it in situations about equality and representation. It seems like a lot of […]

Star Wars Has a Diversity Problem

I’ll just start off by saying that I know you’re probably confused at this headline. Wasn’t the whole point of The Force Awakens, according to JJ Abrams, to pass the […]

Hire Diverse Directors for Diverse Films

Alright, everyone! Let’s gather around, hold hands, close our eyes and say a prayer for all of the recent whitewashed films that completely tanked at the box office – worldwide […]