Summer Albums For Your Fall Playlist

After the weekend’s Autumn Equinox of 2017, I’m here to give you a few albums that the summer brought us. You may have missed a few of these, but music is […]

#SOTD: Kelela-‘LMK’

Kelela has maintained a lowkey profile for a few years, with her music being vaguely relatable and majestic in sound. Her most recent single “LMK” is the crossover we need […]

SOTD: Fifth Harmony-‘Angel’

The bandwagon “Men Are Trash” militia* and stubborn #TeamIssa faithfuls absolutely hate being reminded that women can be notorious heartbreakers too. However, Fifth Harmony is here to remind us that […]

#SOTD: ABRA- ‘Tonight’

There is a shift in society where women (and men) are becoming more open and accepting of female promiscuity. It’s not about being “pro-hoe” but instead, respecting a woman’s choice […]