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Black Characters We Identified With Growing Up

In honor of what a fantastic Black History Month we had and Black Panther (2018) giving the new generation of black kids characters they can identify with, I decided to ask my fellow Geeks of Color what characters they identified with when they were growing up. Some of the characters I expected, but some were really eye-opening to their personalities. I […]

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Where Are the Strong Mothers Behind our Strong Women?

A few years back, my mother and I began bonding over our favorite TV shows, ranging from Netflix originals to cable television. Because we recently moved into a humble two-bedroom apartment, the living room is our common ground and we’re always watching shows together. I lean more toward the superhero side of things, so I was watching The Flash.  She […]

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Check Your Bank Account: Seven Live-Action Superhero Films are Coming to Us in 2018!

This year—just like every year—superhero films took my money, but I can’t complain; I really enjoyed my time in the theaters. This year, DC superheroes seemed to steal the spotlight Marvel had in 2016 with the sensational Wonder Woman followed by the much-anticipated Justice League only five months later.  While MCU had more films this year: Spider-Man: Homecoming, Guardians of the […]

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Why René Ramirez (Wild Dog) on Arrow is my boy

  I’ll be honest with you, I didn’t like Wild Dog at all when he was first introduced in the last season. I immediately disliked his codename, costume, and figured we don’t need another guy who specializes in guns when we already have John Diggle’s Spartan. That being said, as the show revealed more about the character, he grew on […]