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#SOTW: KYLE – ‘Ups & Downs’

If you ask a lot of people about Kyle, they’ll probably tell you he’s a corny rapper and his voice is annoying (which are things that I thought at first as well), but if you take time to get past that, you’ll actually see the substance in his music. Take “Ups & Downs”, the opening track off his latest project, […]

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‘Jump Force’ Beta Impressions

Jump Force was first announced during the Xbox Conference at E3 2018, and the hype for it hasn’t calmed down since. The prospect of a video game including all of your favorite Shonen Jump characters in a fighting game was very tantalizing to say the least. We had a game similar to this called J-Stars Victory VS a few years ago, but […]

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PlayStation One Mini Dropping in December 2018

Classic gamers, rejoice! Sony is doing everyone a solid. Following the example set by Nintendo, Sony is coming out with a mini version of their original PlayStation console. The console was first released in 1995, and it did pretty well for the first of its family. The mini is said to be 45% smaller than the original. To some people’s […]

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Here are September’s Xbox Games With Gold

We’re in the second half of September 2018, and with that, we have new titles that you can pick up for free with an Xbox Live subscription. Two new titles have been available to pick up since September 15th, and those are Livelock, and Sega Vintage Collection: Monster World. Livelock, an Xbox One game, is a top-down shooter that has you […]

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Fallout 76: Beta to Carry Over to Full Version of Game

The month of October will bring the release of the Fallout 76 B.E.T.A. (Break-It Early Test Application), and fans are extremely excited to get their hands on the newest Bethesda project. The Fallout and Elder Scrolls developer released their FAQs regarding the game on their website, and it came with some interesting information. Among that, the reveal that the Beta would actually include […]

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5 Games We’re Most Excited to see Later This Year

2018 has been a pretty interesting year for gaming. It’s not exactly producing the type of titles that we got in 2017, but there have been plenty of hits in here so far, and we’re just reaching the halfway mark. With the second half of the year approaching, we thought it would be a good idea to highlight a handful […]

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Mill City’s Finest In Talks to be Picked Up By Frederator or Mercury Filmworks

A little less a year ago, I wrote a piece about a new animated series called Mill City’s Finest that focused on the story of Aundre Weah, first-gen Liberian-American, and his friends as they combat the problems that are plaguing their town. The concept behind the show was definitely interesting, but obviously, a concept only goes so far. What the people need is […]

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GOC’s Top 10 Games of 2017

2017 has been a very interesting year for gaming on multiple fronts. We’ve seen revolutionary graphics, amazing franchises making gracious comebacks, and….microtransactions. Ahhh, microtransactions. That’s all I’m going to say on that.  On a more positive note though, some amazing titles were released within this calendar year, and it’s only right that since the year’s coming to a close, we […]

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2017 Video Game Awards Recap: All The Winners

2017 has been a pretty amazing year for gaming. With many popular IPs making a comeback, and even some new and unique ones showing up, it was only natural that they all be recognized appropriately, and The VGame Awards did a solid job of that. A lot of awards were handed out tonight, so we’re going to go through and […]