Author: Joseph

Lover of all things entertainment and art. Favorite media include film, video games (I almost exclusively play JRPGs), animé, and novels. Top 3 favorite movies are The Silence of the Lambs, Alien (1979), and The Incredibles. "Where have you been, all my life?" I asked when watching the teaser for Incredibles 2. Will probably write a piece about all of my favorite movies (if allowed). Favorite film genres include psychological thrillers, crime (dramas and thrillers), horror (particularly psychological), film noir, and science fiction. Lover of classic cinema. Loves reading novels, but prefers adult fantasy and science fiction. Pokémon and Shin Megami Tensei are my life and soul (outside of everything else I have to worry about and take responsibility for). I've made it a personal obligation to support more writers/entertainers of color, as well as quality works that include POC and diversity.