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The Ultimate Immigrant Story: Zack Snyder’s Superman

Guest Contribution by : Sheraz Farooqi The Social, Political, & Cultural Significance of DCEU’s Superman Superheroes have always represented what the best of humanity can be. Compassion, selflessness, courage, determination and leadership. Superheroes resonate with human society because they represent the ideals we can all strive towards. As a Muslim American, coming from a family of immigrants, there is one superhero […]

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Jessica Lu & Sendhil Ramamurthy Cast In NBC’s VR Drama Pilot ‘Reverie’

By: Quinlan Sparks Deadline has reported that Jessica Lu (Awkward) and  Sendhil Ramamurthy (Heroes) have landed series regular roles opposite  in NBC’s drama pilot Reverie, from the Extant team of creator Mickey Fisher and Amblin TV. Reverie is described as a grounded and dramatic thriller about Mara (Shahi), a former detective specializing in human behavior who is brought in when the launch of […]

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Marvel’s Inhumans Working Title Revealed

By: Quinlan Sparks We haven’t really got much news about Marvel’s The Inhumans series. So far all we know is that it’s set to debut in IMAX theaters in September ahead of its season premiere on ABC. We also got a list of potential character breakdowns. Well, it looks like we’re starting to get more news, as production begins to start. According to […]

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Rumor: Iris West to Cameo In ‘Justice League’

By: Quinlan Sparks It looks like we might get to see Barry Allen’s boo, Iris West, before she stars in the Flash movie. Iris West will make her debut appearance in Zack Snyder’s Justice League movie. According to users on Reddit, Kiersey Clemons stated during an Instagram live video that she has a cameo in Justice League and referenced her IMDb page, which lists […]

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X-Men Pilot Casts Blair Redford In Lead Role as Thunderbird [UPDATED]

It seems like news about Fox’s upcoming X-Men pilot just keeps dropping every other day. With production about to start, Entertainment Weekly has learned that the still untitled series has cast Blair Redford (“Switched at Birth,” “Satisfaction”) in a lead role. We don’t know the characters name yet, but the announcement states that Redford has been cast as “the strong-headed […]

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Why Ben Affleck Stepping Down as Director For ‘The Batman’ Is Not A Bad Thing

By: Alex Gray We’ve recently found out that Ben Affleck will no longer be in the director’s chair for the highly anticipated ‘The Batman’ film. I’m here to tell you that this is not a bad thing. We’ve all seen what the media and the constant limelight can do to a celebrity, Affleck included. The critic’s response to ‘Batman V Superman’ […]

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5 Diverse TV Directors You Should Know

By: Melody Simpson (@Melodysimpson) As television continues to grow in its inclusivity, the breakthrough year when the director’s chair is filled with just as many diverse directors as the majority of white male directors has yet to come. It may take some time to get there. So while Hollywood catches up to the present day, it’s time to lift up the […]

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Ismahawk Presents: Voltron Vs. Megazord

By: Yoshihide Lu (@NotYoshihide) If you’re not familiar with Ismahawk now is the time to get acquainted.  They are the young production company behind the Nightwing Webseries starring Danny Shephard as the eponymous Nightwing as well as the HawkTalk Podcast.  One of their most recent ventures has been in the always-popular “who would win in a fight?” genre of media originally pioneered […]

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The Truth About Whitewashing in Hollywood.

Guest Contribution by Montique David (@MontiqueD)  All the rage in Hollywood these days is race switching. Tilda Swinton as the Ancient One in Doctor Strange. Lawrence Fishburne as Perry White in Man of Steel. Scarlett Johannson as Motoko Kusanagi in Ghost in a Shell. Will Smith as Floyd ‘Deadshot’ Lawton in Suicide Squad. Characters that on the pages they are […]

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Unsung Heroes: Cisco Ramon

By Ife (@Almightylife_) Hello guys,  Ife here with an article about an Unsung Hero of color, Cisco Ramon aka Vibe . I want to talk about this dude in all of his bad assery. From his origin to his live action adaptation in the CW TV show “The Flash”. Cisco Ramon took the alias of Vibe  when Aquaman disbanded the […]

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Why Falcon needs a MCU Origin Story

By Ife Ajayi-Bembe (@AlmightyIfe_) Falcon a.k.a Sam Wilson, Captain America’s infamous sidekick was introduced to us in the best way possible…EARLY MORNING JOGGING. Yup, in the opening scene of ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’ you can see Wilson jogging while Steve comes up fast and furious reminding him to keep to the left so he wouldn’t have to get knocked down.He […]

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Comic Book Stores that Support Diversity

Here is a list comprised by Eileen Kaur Alden, Writer of the Super Sikh comic series, of comic book shops which support diverse works! If you know any others please list them in the comments California Oakland Dr. Comics and Mr. Games Cape and Cowl San Francisco Isotope Comic Lounge Mission Comics Comix Experience Los Angeles                                                                                                                                   Meltdown Comics                                     The Comic Bug Pulp Fiction                                                                       Cool Cats Comics                          Book Show LA San Jose Wow Cool Alternative Comics Hijinx Comics Illusive Comics Comics Conspiracy Canada Vancouver, British Columbia  The Connection Brampton, Ontatio  Stadium Comics Brampton Illinois Chicago Chicago Comics Quimby’s Comics Louisiana Lake Charles Paper Heroes Massachusetts: Boston Comicopia Easthampton ComicsnMoreEast Michigan Kalamazoo Fanfare Redford Back to the Past […]

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Welcome to the official Geeks of Color website! First of all, we’d like to thank all of our followers for their ongoing support, we could not have gotten where we are today without you. To reiterate, the purpose of this page is to inform, entertain and interact in support of diverse comics, writers, artists, characters and more. This page will […]