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Hey Hi Hello! I’m Dre, a writer for GOC, and going to college in North Carolina. I've been geek of color since birth. My favorite shows growing up were Spider-Man, X-Men: Evolution, & Justice League Unlimited. This set the foundation of my love for the medium of animation and dreams of being a Superhero. I realized I wasn't wearing spandex anytime soon, so I began creating my own heroes. It surprisingly took me another twelve years to read my first comic book, my freshman year in college. Hundreds of comics, hundreds of dollars, and dozens of new comic book movies/TV shows later, I've become fully immersed into the geek culture. After getting my Media Studies degree in next couple years, I plan to go to Hollywood and create diverse and hopefully inspiring characters for the next generation of geeks of color.
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Overwatch: Retribution Event Comes With All Sorts of Goodies

The new PvE mission, announced on the 4th during Overwatch League, allows you play through the infamous Blackwatch mission that shuts down its less morally ambiguous parent organization eight years ago…