Tips To Succeed in College

Hi, Hello, Hey it’s Dre here and you know what else is? Classes *thunder rolls in the distance*. Yes, it’s that time of year again and for some it’s not […]

Samurai Shin #1.5 Review

Hi, Hello, Hey, it’s Dre again and I’m back with another comic review! I have here issue #1.5 of Samurai Shin from Mikel Miles and new artists Harley Dela Cruz, […]

GOC Cosplayer Spotlight: Alston Stephanus

Cosplayer: Alston Stephanus Social Media:  @alstonstephanus (Personal & Cosplay Account), @a5_accessories (Accessory Design Account), @sublimeboudoir (Events Company Account) @rosalees5 (His Adorable Cosplaying Puppy’s Account) What are your Favorite Movies, Television shows and […]