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Overwatch: Retribution Event Comes With All Sorts of Goodies

The new PvE mission, announced on the 4th during Overwatch League, allows you play through the infamous Blackwatch mission that shuts down its less morally ambiguous parent organization eight years ago…

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Tips To Succeed in College

Hi, Hello, Hey it’s Dre here and you know what else is? Classes *thunder rolls in the distance*. Yes, it’s that time of year again and for some it’s not our first rodeo. However, for many of you it’s your first year in college. It’s exciting, it’s scary, but for the most part it’s new. Don’t worry though, we here […]

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Samurai Shin #1.5 Review

Hi, Hello, Hey, it’s Dre again and I’m back with another comic review! I have here issue #1.5 of Samurai Shin from Mikel Miles and new artists Harley Dela Cruz, Sukma Agustriyana and Fahmi Fauzi! *Minor Spoilers for Issue #1*   Last time we left Amir Atsuko at the mercy of the bear masked villain and Keith Masaru gone with […]

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What We’d Like To See In A Power Rangers Sequel

On March 24th, we were reintroduced to five misfits who would become the Earth’s greatest warriors, The Power Rangers! With poor box office results, we were all “Ay ay aying” to thought that there wouldn’t be a sequel. But thank Zordon for merchandise sales! Director Dean Israelite has stated before that Lionsgate & Saban, the man who brought us the […]

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GOC Cosplayer Spotlight: Alston Stephanus

Cosplayer: Alston Stephanus Social Media:  @alstonstephanus (Personal & Cosplay Account), @a5_accessories (Accessory Design Account), @sublimeboudoir (Events Company Account) @rosalees5 (His Adorable Cosplaying Puppy’s Account) What are your Favorite Movies, Television shows and Books?: My favorite movies tend to be part of a franchise, such as sagas like Star Wars and Harry Potter (including Fantastic Beasts). I love anything that comes out of Ghibli Studio; I find […]

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These Black Panther Fan Posters Bring Honor To Wakanda

Ok, let’s skip the pleasantries. The King is in the building! We were recently blessed with the first teaser trailer for Marvel’s Black Panther! We were also blessed, somewhat, with the first poster for said film. We here at Geeks of Color would like to share with you all some of our favorite Fan Made posters. Let’s start off with […]

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Superheroes That Fly High on 4/20

Hey, hello, HIGH (see what I did there?), but seriously…  Hi guys, Dre here with a holiday-themed article (yes, it’s a holiday). Have you ever wondered which one of your favorite heroes celebrate the littest of all days? Yes you have. Well wonder no more fellow geeks! I have here a list of Superheroes who I know for a fact, […]

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Why You should be Playing Watch_Dogs 2

Hi, Hello, Hey, this is Dre coming at you with why I believe Watch Dogs 2 is too lit to not be in your gaming collection. But first, for those of you have never heard of Watch Dogs 2, here’s a quick rundown: Marcus Holloway aka Retr0, is wrongly accused of crime he didn’t commit based on a flawed system (sounds […]

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Samurai Shin #1 Review

Hi, Hello, Hey, it’s Dre and I am proud to present to all you geeks of color my first ever comic review! Today, I will be reviewing a comic budding with potential sent to us by two of our amazing followers, writer Mikel Miles and artist Ivan Aguilar. Samurai Shin tells the story of Amir Atsuko, Keith Masaru, and their […]

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Why We Need Heroes Of Color Now More Than Ever

By Dre Willis To say the last couple of years haven’t been so great, is a bit of an understatement. Sure we’ve gotten Star Wars: The Force Awakens and a smorgasbord of Marvel and DC movies, but we as Geeks of Color, Nerds of Melanin, and Dorks of  have also had to deal with an increasing rate of wrongful and controversial […]

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Introducing The World of Twitter Role-Play

By Dre Willis I’ve been geek of color since birth. My favorite shows growing up were Marvel Comics Spider-Man, X-Men: Evolution, Justice League Unlimited, and Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. This set the foundation of my love for the medium of animation and dreams of being a Superhero. I realized I wasn’t wearing spandex anytime soon, so I began creating my […]