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GoC Comic Review: Black Lightning Cold Dead Hands #4 (Spoilers)

Black Lightning Cold Dead Hands has been hands down one of my favorite monthly items to pull when I visit my local comic book store. Tony Isabella’s return to his classic creation shows that its possible to breathe new life into one of the classics and make it just as timely today as it was back in the day. The issue four of the six-issue miniseries, which I’m hoping gets upgraded to an ongoing, continues to follow the Cleveland hero as he attempts to figure out who is releasing science fiction level weapons onto the streets of his hometown. 


‘Black Lightning’ is The Jolt of Adrenaline the CW Superhero Shows Needed: Spoiler Review

Listen up ladies and gentlemen take to the streets and tell everyone you know Black Lightning is back better than ever. Today marks the series premiere of what in my not so humble opinion is going to be the CW’s best entry into their superhero catalog. Created in July of 1972 by the talented Tony Isabella and Trevor Von Eeden, Jefferson Pierce doubles as a teacher and sometimes principal of Garfield Highschool and the superhero Black Lightning. 

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‘Rise of the Guardians’ Live-Action Fancast

Dreamworks Rise of the Guardians is based on the book series by The Guardians of Childhood by Williams Joyce which centers around the icons of our childhood such as Santa Claus, The Easter Bunny, Jack Frost, The Tooth Fairy, the Sandman, and many others. The film is set 300 years after the book series for which it is based upon and it features the Guardians of Childhood coming together with the help of Jack Frost to defeat none other than the Boogeyman himself, Pitch Black.