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‘Trolls Band Together’ Is A Hilarious Musical Adventure For The Whole Family – Review

It’s been three years since the last time Poppy (Anna Kendrick) and Branch (Justin Timberlake) were seen trying to change the history of the musical world where the Trolls live. And in Trolls Band Together, the pair will focus on discovering more about their families’ past while trying to rescue someone very close to the character voiced by Timberlake. Thankfully, the latest entry in the franchise might be its best one yet, with plenty of humor and heart to remind audiences why the concept of this series was interesting to begin with. Color, music, and an emotional plot surround the second sequel to the 2016 hit.

Trolls Band Together
(Courtesy of DreamWorks Animation)

While everything seems to be going great for both Poppy and Branch as a couple and as individuals, the character voiced by Justin Timberlake still feels uncomfortable about the fact that the boy band he used to sing in with his brothers had a bad breakup. But years after being left behind as a baby, his older brother, John Dory (Eric André), comes back into his life when he realizes he needs all the help he can get. Another one of his brothers has been kidnapped, and if they don’t hurry, he will be exploited until he fades away from existence. Branch must go on an emotional journey with people he thought he would never see again.

The introduction of the boy band is terrific, with the musical numbers still giving life to the world of the Trolls series. In addition to the entertaining performances that turn out to be more engaging than the ones seen in previous installments, the humor established between the new characters and the old ones conforms to very fast-paced dynamics, making Branch stand out from his charismatic siblings. There are enough jokes regarding boy band pop culture to entertain curious parents who might take their children to see Trolls Band Together, turning the explosive adventure into something fun for the entire family.

While the previous movies in the franchise were more related to plots about saving the world, the fact that the third film takes time to establish why the relationship between Branch and his family is essential gives the plot of the animated story plenty of stakes. When the characters and the world they live in are simply filled with charisma, it’s easy to feel immersed in the tale Walt Dohrn continues to create. The filmmaker worked on the first two installments of the series, expanding his vision through the amusing, fast-paced humor of the Trolls movies.

(Courtesy of DreamWorks Animation)

Dohrn understands what worked for the audience during the previous adventures, removing what didn’t seem entertaining or funny enough. The result is a sequel made by an experienced director who has spent a significant portion of his life thinking about how to make Branch and Poppy’s relationship more interesting. And when that can’t be enough to fill out an entire story, the team behind Trolls Band Together did a great job of thinking about what would be compelling for them to tackle as a couple.

The antagonists the Trolls have to face this time around are genuinely despicable, with Amy Schumer and Andrew Rannells voicing Velvet and Veneer, respectively. The pop stars built a career themselves by stealing talent that didn’t belong to them, and it’s up to the main heroes of the franchise and their new allies to stop them before it’s too late. The result was a charismatic adventure filled with the humor viewers have come to expect from the franchise and from DreamWorks Animation as a studio in general. Trolls Band Together is yet another triumph for Branch and Poppy.

With charming performances from Kendrick and Timberlake, as they return to the roles they have voiced for years and a breezy pace that proves Walt Dohrn only gets better with time, Trolls Band Together is a lovely sequel that perfectly captures the energy and emotions that have made the franchise entertain families around the world since 2016. Branch and Poppy are back in yet another story that puts family above everything else, even when the circumstances are not ideal for anybody. The band is ready to perform in the latest achievement from DreamWorks Animation.

Rating: 8/10

Trolls Band Together is playing theaters everywhere.

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