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The Cast of ‘Good Omens’ Talk the Show’s Second Season – Interview

*These interviews with the cast of Good Omens were conducted prior to the SAG-AFTRA strike. At GoC, we fully support the creatives who are part of the WGA and SAG-AFTRA strikes.

Good Omens is about to return with a second season featuring the dynamic friendship audiences fell in love with during the first installment. Aziraphale (Michael Sheen) and Crowley (David Tennant) saved the world the last time they were seen on the small screen, but a new mystery is going to force them to investigate and find out why Gabriel (Jon Hamm) showed up to their door, completely naked and without any idea of how he ended up on Earth. Added to that, Aziraphale’s former superior doesn’t even remember who he is, setting the stage for a larger threat to arrive into the world of the series.

When asked how Crowley feels motivated while getting used to his new life, David Tennant had interesting things to say about his character: “I think he’s a little bit lost when we first discover him. And I think that the worst that could happen to him was Gabriel showing up at Aziraphale’s bookshop. But it does give him a sense of purpose because he’s fighting for survival again, and he would never claim to finding any joy in that. It sort of weakens him up a bit. There’s something about that, them working together. To solve this mystery, it gives him a prickle of energy, which he doesn’t entirely detest.”

Nina Sosanya and Maggie Service are back for another round of adventures connected to what Crowley and Aziraphale will be up to. However, they won’t be playing the same roles they portrayed during the debut season of the Prime Video comedy. As characters named after themselves, they’ll have to find their own place within the journey that the second season is about to establish, setting the stage for the biggest mystery Heaven and Hell have ever seen.

When asked how her character felt so grounded in a world surrounded by powerful creatures and contexts, Sosanya said, “I think you just stick to the script that Neil Gaiman and John Finnemore have written because they’ve written very relatable characters. I think the tone of Good Omens is very naturalistic, even though some people are playing huge characters. They sort of rub off against each other in quite a nice way. The more naturalistic you are, the more fantastic the others are.”

With the series expanding this season, new characters will be introduced to join the mystery surrounding Gabriel randomly showing up on Earth. Three new angels will become a part of the cast of Good Omens to spice things up a bit. The characters will be played by Quelin Sepulveda, Liz Carr and Shelley Conn, allowing audiences to fall in love yet again with more people that come from the same place Aziraphale used to work in before the finale of the last season.

The new cast members were asked if they had been fans of Good Omens before they were included in the series, and Conn added, “I was a fan, but I hadn’t seen the show. As soon as this came my way, I became a firm fan of the show, to the point where when stepping on set, I felt as if I was having a Good Omens moment.” On the other hand, Sepulveda indicated that she had heard about the show and watched it when she got the audition. Finally, Carr jokingly commented that she wasn’t a fan of the series, explaining that she said that because she hadn’t watched it before.

Good Omens returns to Prime Video on July 28.

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