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Skai Jackson, Sasha Luss & Wallis Day Reflect On Their Refreshing ‘Sheroes’ Characters – Interview

At the end of last month, Paramount Pictures launched a different kind of action comedy on digital platforms, giving audiences a chance to meet thrilling new characters who were about to embark on a joruney that would change the course of their lives. Sheroes is about four friends travelling to Thailand in order to have a relaxing vacation, only to see themselves involved in a series of events that resemble a blazing adventure instead of a conventional trip.

Geeks of Color had the opportunity of speaking to Isabelle Fuhrman, Sasha Luss, Wallis Day and Skai Jackson about the experience of portraying the women from Sheroes on the screen, taking them through heavy action sequences that turn the genre on its own head. Jordan Gertner wrote and directed the feature, introducing the heroes that could party and defeat any threat that would try to endager them at the same time. Maybe they didn’t get the bonding experience they were looking for, but the main characters from Sheroes proved that they have enough fight within them to leave their mark wherever they go.

Check out the full interview with the cast of Sheroes below:

When asked about how Ezra relates to the rest of the girls from Sheroes, Isabelle Fuhrman stated: “I think Ezra’s relationship with the girls, they’ve been friends forever. All of them. They’ve known each other for a long time, they’ve seen each other through the ups-and-downs. And I think Ezra’s relationship with Skai’s character is more about this “mothering”-type energy with the girls. Which I think is hilarious, considering she’s just as old as they are, she just pretends that she’s better than everyone else. And with Ryder (Wallis Day), I think Ezra wishes she could be as cool as her.”

Skai Jackson, who plays Daisy in Sheroes, was excited to be a part of a project which was different from the family-friendly productions she’d been a part of earlier in her career: “It’s been great for me. It’s very fresh to tap into this different kind of roles I had been waiting to do. I just couldn’t at that time. Now that I’m done with that. It’s great to do stuff I wanted to do. So many opportunities, it’s just been a very fun ride. It was just a thought I’d been working on behind-the-scenes. It’s been an amazing ride so far.”

Wallis Day was eager to explain how her character, Ryder, was different from the rest of the crew, mentioning: ” I have to say skateboarding. She’s so cool. I wish I could say more but she is. I got to do a little bit of it and I felt like literally the coolest girl ever. I have to say the skateboarding, out of everything, which is ironic.”

Sheroes is now available for rental or purchase on every major digital platform!

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