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‘My Adventures With Superman’ Honors The Legacy Of The Man Of Steel With Smallville Spirit- Review

By Angel Amaral

I never thought I would see the day when Superman, my favorite character of all time, would get an anime intro and style for a serialized revamp of his story, but here we are, and it’s epic. It’s been decades since the world has seen a new animated Superman series. As a lifelong fan of DC, I’m ecstatic to report that My Adventures With Superman is a worthy successor to Superman: The Animated series as it evolves the iconic hero with modernized anime-inspired animation while staying true to his altruism.

(Courtesy of Adult Swim)

This fresh take, told through the team dynamic (Clark Kent, Lois Lane, and Jimmy Olsen), allows for stronger character arcs and compelling relationships to flourish. Watching these episodes reminded me of my Saturday evenings watching Dragon Ball Z on Toonami, which is the best compliment I can give it. Stylistically and emotionally, it feels close to my unforgettable adventures with Goku as this story explores the interesting lives of these journalists on their journey together to become heroes in their own right.

My Adventures with Superman is an energetic and wholesome coming-of-age story filled with heart and vibrant colors as we venture with three best friends tackling news stories for the good of Metropolis. During their internship as investigative journalists, they take down villains with unique designs, uncover secrets, and understand what it means to be Superman.

Jack Quaid’s voice for Superman is as good as it sounded in the trailer. He delivers a wonderful performance in each episode, as it’s perfectly lighthearted and sincere! When things get serious, he turns on the mature tone required, and you’ll believe in his Superman to save the day.

(Courtesy of Adult Swim)

As expected, Lois Lane (Alice Lee) is the star investigative reporter. She’s ambitious, commands the room, and is driven to break an important story. Lois and Clark complement each other beautifully throughout their victories and struggles. These icons we know and love, but not without their flaws. This animated take feels like a genuine relationship constantly growing as they learn the significance of trusting one another. A healthy relationship has no room for secrets, which makes them better partners. This is arguably the most wholesome version of Lois and Clark ever. I love seeing them fall for each other immediately. Everyone will adore their relationship as they should since they are one of the ultimate power couples in fiction.

I love how Jimmy Olsen (Ishmel Sahid) is portrayed in this show. Olsen is Clark and Lois’ best friend with crazy conspiracy theories about aliens but has unselfish regard to help others. As Clark’s roommate, he brings out the geek side of the farm boy from Kansas, which makes this iteration more lovable and relatable. Through their friendship, we learn that if someone cares for you, they want to know how you feel; you just need to speak your mind.

This younger take on Superman takes advantage of the fact that he’s inexperienced in fighting crime and unsure of himself, which is reminiscent of Smallville. Both shows deal with young Clark overcoming his superpowers and hiding his identity from his friends. It’s refreshing because it puts the viewer in a first-person point of view as we learn about Superman along the ride, like how his powers work and where he comes from. It’s all the more exciting during this phase of his life when we see his famous powers used for the first time. Superman fighting various powers from enemies while trying to figure out his own was a clever way to add tension against the Man of Steel and highlight Clark’s cunning mind as he adapts to whatever he’s fighting.

My Adventures With Superman - Still
(Courtesy of Adult Swim)

“Who am I” is a constant question asked throughout the series, and the show’s answer put a big grin on my face. Who is Superman? To me, he’s a nice friend who has extraordinary powers and just wants to use them to help people. It impressed me how gracefully they capture the essence of the character because it’s really that simple; it’s not hard to believe that some people just want to help, and Superman is just that kind of being constantly. He must be inspiring, and the show succeeds with this crucial core characteristic. “At the end of the day, I’m here to help the people of Metropolis. Is everyone okay?” It’s lines like these and the actions of him prioritizing other lives before even knowing his limitations that exude optimism and hope. I always argue that the best aspect about Superman is not his super-powered side; his pure humanity shines here as the superhero antics and focus on relationships are balanced.

As a comfort show, you’ll want to continue hanging out with these characters, but at a certain point, the overarching story goes off the rails, and you’ll be hooked to see more with the wild direction they take. Comic book fans of today that love grand storytelling in this vast DC universe will be rewarded by this clear labor of love that respects the past and embraces the future of Superman. My Adventures With Superman is an uplifting chapter in Clark Kent’s history and offers a promising better tomorrow for glorious DC animation.

Rating: 9/10

My Adventures With Superman premieres on Adult Swim on July 6. New episodes will air every Thursday and stream the next day on Max.

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