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Richa Moorjani and Poorna Jagannathan Talk ‘Never Have I Ever’ Season 4 & The Vishwakumar Family’s Impact

It is the end of an era!

The final season of Never Have I Ever is now streaming on Netflix, and it’s been an amazing ride. Throughout the four seasons of the show, we’ve been able to spend time with Devi, her family and friends, watching them through all their ups and downs and their growth.

Prior to the last season’s debut on Netflix, I had the opportunity to interview some of the cast members of the series, including the brilliant Vishwakumar family, Poorna Jagannathan and Richa Moorjani. The duo play Devi’s mother, Dr. Nalini Vishwakumar and her cousin, Kamala, respectively, and they both had many amazing things to say about the fourth season and working on the series as a whole.

Jagannathan and Moorjani spoke about what it was like for them to film this last season, their favourite moments from this season, including that iconic dance number, and the impact of the Vishwakumar family!

*Please note, if you haven’t finished watching the latest season of Never Have I Ever, there are spoilers in the interview ahead.

Check out the full interview with Richa Moorjani and Poorna Jagannathan for the final season of Never Have I Ever below:

When I asked the pair about the end of an era with the series coming to a close, Moorjani agreed and said, “It feels similar for us. It feels like the end of an era, and it felt that way when we were shooting as well. But it also feels like the beginning of a new chapter, not just for our characters but even for us. You know, this show has been such a springboard for South Asians in every aspect of this industry, but for us as well, and it’s opened up conversations and doors that for many years have been firmly locked shut.”

Speaking about the final season of Never Have I Ever, Jagannathan said, “You know, especially the last episodes, season four is – for me – the best-written season. The final episode was such a humungous feat because there are so many storylines to wrap up. And it’s incredible how everyone gets the ending that they deserve.”

Richa Moorjani and Poorna Jagannathan - Never Have I Ever Interview
Richa Moorjani as Kamala and Poorna Jagannathan as Nalini Vishwakumar in season 4 of Never Have I Ever (Courtesy of Jessica Brooks/Netflix © 2023)

Of course, I had to ask them about the iconic dance sequence as it was one of my personal favourite moments of the series as a whole. Moorjani shared, “It was honestly a literal dream come true, and I say that because I am a dancer in real life, and I’ve done Indian classical dance and Bollywood dance. And before I even really knew how to do anything in this life, really I was a dancer at the age of five, and all I ever wanted to do was dance on the big screen. So, you know, getting to do that on the show that I love so much and to do it as the character of Kamala and with the character of Devi was just so exciting for us. Me and Maitreyi were so thrilled when we got the script.”

The Vishwakumar family is one of the best television families in recent years, and when I asked about what they hope the lasting impact of the family might be for them and viewers, Jagannathan said, “It’s a family that’s shown us, I think, what healing could look like. Showed us a family that’s in pain, showed us a family who is at odds, showed us a family who couldn’t communicate because they were in grief, and how things can change with time, with healing, with growth. It’s such a primal relationship, right, mother-daughter? So, for me, it’s – I say this so much – the show has given me a sense of belonging, but the show is also a message of belonging. So when the viewer watches it, they feel very much a part of the Vishwakumar family.”

The final season of Never Have I Ever is streaming on Netflix!

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