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Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell Discuss ‘Evil Dead Rise’, Franchise Revitalization & Future Hopes – Interview

Attention all horror fans, it’s time to rejoice! The spine-tingling Evil Dead franchise has made its grand return with the brand-new film, Evil Dead Rise. Under the expert direction of Lee Cronin, the movie boasts all the iconic elements that made the franchise so special in the first place while simultaneously introducing innovative and fresh ideas that pave the way for exciting new avenues to be explored in future installments.

As the anticipation built leading up to the release of Evil Dead Rise, I was fortunate to have the opportunity to sit down with legendary figures Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell. Raimi and Campbell are both renowned figures in the horror genre, and their careers have been instrumental in shaping the landscape of horror films today. Raimi is best known for his work as the director of the original Evil Dead trilogy, as well as other horror classics like Drag Me to Hell and The Grudge.

It’s worth noting that Raimi’s contributions to cinema extend beyond the horror genre. He is also well-known for his work on the blockbuster Spider-Man trilogy, which helped to kickstart the modern superhero movie trend. In addition, he recently directed the Marvel Studios film Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

Meanwhile, Campbell’s portrayal of the iconic character Ash Williams in the Evil Dead franchise has solidified his status as a horror icon. In addition to acting, Campbell has also produced and directed several films throughout his career.

Together, Raimi and Campbell have collaborated on numerous projects over the years, and their partnership has been crucial in bringing the Evil Dead franchise back to life with Evil Dead Rise. Their combined experience and expertise in the genre make them the perfect team to continue the legacy of this beloved horror series.

Check out the interview with Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell for Evil Dead Rise below: 

To start the interview, I jokingly asked Raimi and Campbell who I should send my therapy bills for the years of horror they’ve inflicted upon me. Campbell humorously said, “Sam started it.”

This prompted Raimi to chime, and he said, “It really was his acting that probably scared you and all the weird things he did with the blood. I think you probably send them his way.”

When asked why they believed Cronin was the perfect fit for revitalizing the Evil Dead franchise, Raimi said, “It was seeing The Hole in the Ground, his movie that had won some awards and was recognized as a very well-crafted film. I also recognize it as that and saw that he had the craftsmanship abilities to pull off something like Evil Dead Rise. Because really, to make an Evil Dead film, you have to be very professional in mechanical effects, body effects, and you have to be a director of actors. And it’s hard to find someone who is very professional in all those things.”

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell Discuss 'Evil Dead Rise', Franchise Revitalization & Future Hopes - Interview
(Courtesy of Warner Bros. Pictures)

When I asked Campbell about whether he feels a protectiveness toward the franchise, he said, “Yeah, we’re very protective of this. We give our directors a lot of leeway because we respect their artistry. But it’s been fun to watch it grow because we’re out of the cabin now. And that really does open us up. And I think it was a good move to get out of the cabin. It was smart to make it about family because now it’s way more intense. It’s way more personal.

 It’s like you’re not shooting with a shotgun where you could turn away and just pull the trigger. It’s way more personal. It’s like a handgun, you actually have to aim it. And now you got these people stuck in an apartment. That’s your new cabin. But now that book can go anywhere.”

Sam Raimi and Bruce Campbell Discuss 'Evil Dead Rise', Franchise Revitalization & Future Hopes - Interview

Campbell’s response led me to my next question; considering it has been over a decade since the last Evil Dead film, I inquired whether they are hopeful that this latest installment will spawn a new series of movies without having to wait another 10 years.

Raimi said, “Yes, we do hope that it’s a revitalization of the Evil Dead movies. And going back to your last question, you asked Bruce about how to best protect the franchise. It’s really why it took so long to make another one. We had to find somebody who really liked the Evil Dead movies, understood what made them work, was a fan of them but still wanted to break out and find some new territory for the audience. Because the Evil Dead audience really wants something new. So the best way we could protect it was by finding the right captain of the ship to take it to the next destination.”

To conclude the interview, I asked Campbell why he believes Evil Dead Rise truly stands out from the previous films.

Campbell said, “It opened the door, in my opinion, for all new stories now. And that’s exactly what we want. Because if you don’t have the stories, how many times can you do the story in the cabin again? It was time to break out, and I think fans will be thrilled to see that we’re out of that smelly old cabin.”

Evil Dead Rise is now playing in theaters.

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