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William Abadie and Lucien Laviscount Talk Season 3 of ‘Emily In Paris’, Favorite Scenes & More – Interview

The new season of Emily in Paris is finally upon us!

With the promise of much more drama, laughs, and fashion for the upcoming season, I had the pleasure of chatting with William Abadie and Lucien Laviscount who portray Antoine and Alfie, respectively, in the series.

Much like their co-stars Samuel Arnold and Bruno Gouery, Abadie and Laviscount were excited about the new season and what their characters brought to the series this time around.

Check out the full interview with William Abadie and Lucien Laviscount below:

When asked about more screen time being shared between Antoine and Alfie, and building further rapport between the two characters, Abadie said, “Oh, it was a great surprise! I found out about it receiving the first scripts, obviously, and it was unexpected and the best surprise. Lucien and I had the occasion to hang out a little bit through season two off set, and finding that we would be doing that on set through the relationship between Antoine and Alfie, and a little bit off set too was just wonderful – very happy about it.”

Echoing Abadie’s sentiments, Laviscount spoke about Alfie’s relationship with Antoine and their work together, and said, “I think Alfie’s been searching for joy within his career, you know? Searching for that something that can inspire him again, and I feel like coming into contact with Antoine, I think his world just opens up. And he understands what it’s like to be passionate about what he does again, you know? He sees Emily who is so passionate and so enthralled in her career, and then has the opportunity to not just work to live but live to work a little bit more. I don’t know which way ’round that’s supposed to be, but you know what I’m saying! That’s fantastic for Alfie, and then obviously to work with William is just a joy, honestly. William is dedicated to the craft, to the work, knows how to have a good time and it’s a good dance!”

Be sure to catch Lucien Laviscount and William Abadie in the new season of Emily in Paris, streaming now on Netflix!

Lucien Laviscount and William Abadie - Emily in Paris
Lucien Laviscount as Alfie and William Abadie as Antoine in the new season of Emily in Paris. (Courtesy of Netflix © 2022 | Stéphanie Branchu)

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