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‘Time Stamp’ Is The New Sci-Fi Short Film That Should Be On Your Radar

The time has finally arrived to unveil the highly anticipated sci-fi short film, Time Stamp.

Written and directed by Cade Huseby and Geeks of Color’s very own Robert Butler III, Time Stamp follows Jackie Dixon (Ayana Taylor) – a brilliant, pragmatic young scientist still traumatized from witnessing her parents’ murder as a child. But with the help of her new friend Bill (Ken Napzok), she desperately time travels from 2033 to 2019, determined to keep her family alive. 

At the tender age of 12, Jackie (whose younger version is played by Cydney Gooch) faces the most painful moment of her life. Her father (Jay Washington) and mother (Nikelola Balogun) are fatally assaulted during a home robbery. Scarred by memories of overhearing her parents struggle with the bandits, she makes 276 attempts to save her family. Along the way, Jackie encounters a problematic park ranger (Parker Huseby) that keeps standing in her way.

This short film has been in the works for a very long time. Huseby and Butler first came up with the idea in late 2018 before completing a finalized draft by the summer of next year. Of course, by then, they already had super producer Madison Lin on board to help develop this ambitious undertaking. 

The filmmakers knew this concept wasn’t cheap, so they needed a budget. Before production started, Huseby and Butler managed to raise nearly $8000 on Indiegogo – securing the much-needed funds to make Time Stamp a reality. Thanks to the film’s fantastic supporters, including Rotten Tomatoes’ Mark Ellis and YouTube star Anthony Padilla, Time Stamp began its journey.

Time Stamp

From producer Ryan Vargas to DP Rudy Pesci and to Amateur Hour Film’s Brian Perez on sound, Time Stamp has a fantastic set of crew members who helped make the production possible. Not to mention the jaw-dropping post-production work from visual effects supervisor Guy Bergman and sound mixers Jalen Conway and Luis Lopez. All these elements tied together perfectly through the immaculate musical composition from Isaac Mailach and Matthew Feder (which you can also stream on Spotify).

Upon completion, Time Stamp participated in over one dozen film festivals, including the Pan African Film Festival, the Charlotte Black Film Festival, and the Golden State Film Festival – where theshort film was screened at the TCL’s Chinese Theater. Time Stamp is also an award winner – having received the Sci-Fest Film Festival award for “Best Overall Film,” the Miami International Science Fiction Film Festival award for “Best Afrofuturism” and “Best Director(s),” and the Action & Adventure Screenplay/Film Festival award for “Best Performances.” 

You can now buy or rent Time Stamp on Prime Video.

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