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Interview: Kyle Soller And Denise Gough Talk ‘Andor’ & The Timelessness Of ‘Star Wars’ Themes

The upcoming Andor series, gives us a larger scope on the life of an Imperial through the eyes of Syril Karn and Dedra Meero. Imperial officers have always been a major part of Star Wars but in a 12-episode series, the amount of character depth Andor can achieve is hugely significant. 

To accomplish this, the show cast two incredible actors to carry this load. Kyle Soller is best known for his role in Poldark, a British historical drama that aired on BBC, but his theater work stood out to me the most. His role in The Inheritance got him multiple nominations as Best Actor and even a few wins. For anyone who has seen his performance on stage, his talent is truly undeniable. For the imposing ISB officer, Dedra Metro, Lucasfilm cast another theater performer, Denise Gough, who recently impressed audiences with her role on the FX show Under the Banner of Heaven portraying a mother stuck in an abusive Mormon household and community. Her performance was chilling and memorable in the midst of other great actors. 

I got the chance to briefly talk to Kyle and Denise to discuss the themes of Andor and why they are so timeless. They spoke about how there’s always relevant works of fiction that discuss revolution, and Star Wars is our generation’s most well known story that dives into social change. They, also, talk about how seeing the the darker sides of your favorite characters adds layers to story that we already know in Rogue One. Lastly, they mention how you’ll see different shades to the “villains” which might establish a connection to the audience that didn’t used to be there. I, for, one can’t wait to see more from them and their characters.

Check out the interview with Kyle Soller and Denise Gough below:

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