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Interview: Nicole Beharie Talks Systemic Injustices & Bringing Characters To Life In ‘Breaking’

A film like Breaking requires not only immense acting talent, but an individual who understands how systemic inequities truly impact our lives. Nicole Beharie understands this quite well and has demonstrated this effortlessly with roles in American Violet, Monsterland, 42, and Miss Juneteenth

(Courtesy of Bleecker Street)

With Breaking, Beharie brings to life the character Estel Valerie, one of two bank employees held hostage by former Marine Brian Brown-Easley (played by John Boyega). To witness Beharie act is to witness an artistic force unleashed on-screen. With subtle nuances in each performance that pull heartstrings and an on-screen presence that dares you to take your eyes off of her, Beharie does nothing, but slay each role she approaches. 

Geeks of Color spoke with Beharie about her new film Breaking, the systemic injustices the movie highlights, and how she embodies (and bodies) the characters she portrays on film. 

Check out the full interview with Nicole Beharie below:

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