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‘The Noh Family’ Is Perfect For Lovers Of K-Dramas – Book Review

Do you have a love for all things K-Drama? If you do, then Grace K. Shim’s The Noh Family is the perfect book for you.

Inspired by popular K-Dramas, The Noh Family follows relatable protagonist Chloe Kang as she discovers secrets she never knew about her family and its legacy. It’s the summer before Chloe starts her stint at community college to become a nurse, although her true passion is fashion and all that comes with it. However, even with her mother working double shifts as a nurse at the local hospital, Chloe thinks attending school for fashion design is a dream that might be too lofty.

However, being the daughter of a single mother as her father died before she was born, Chloe dreams of connecting with her father’s side of the family. But to her knowledge, there’s no family to be found. Of course, in true dramatic fashion, after taking a DNA test, Chloe learns that she does have relatives who want to meet her and, better yet, invite her to South Korea to meet the whole family. Unfortunately for Chloe, things aren’t always as they appear and perhaps being part of the Noh family is worse than having no family.

The Noh Family - Book Cover
The front cover of The Noh Family (Courtesy of Kokila)

The Noh Family is a wonderfully written novel by Grace K. Shim, infused with all the drama and emotion that makes for great K-Dramas. Shim creates a rich world in its description of places, food to die for and fashion that will make you want to strut down the runway as soon as possible. Everything described in the novel can be seen in your mind’s eye with ease thanks to Shim’s writing, and it doesn’t just stop there; it extends to every character within the book.

Chloe is the main character that many readers will find relatable for many reasons, and it’s easy to connect with her story, hopes, and aspirations. The feeling of belonging she searches for and the thoughts of not easily fitting in are certainly trials many people have experienced at least once in their lifetime. However, despite some of Chloe’s insecurities, her confidence grows as she discovers more about herself and how she wants to navigate her life and stick up for herself against her mother, family and friends.

Creating a stirring character can be difficult, but Shim’s words on the page have a way of tugging directly on the heartstrings. At every dramatic turn, you’ll find your eyes glued to the page, and the need to continue reading will be unstoppable; even despite the trope of the lost family being one, many readers will likely know well. Shim finds ways to separate The Noh Family from other stories with similar journeys, making for a fun and page-turning read.

The Noh Family is a book to add to your TBR lists as soon as possible. With dramatics and twists and turns akin to some of the best K-Dramas, trust me, you won’t regret it!

The Noh Family is available for purchase where books are sold and available in digital formats.

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