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Voting Isn’t A Game, But The New Georgia Project Made One to Help You Understand That

Communities of color have been historically disenfranchised in a variety of ways, and voter registration is definitely one of them. Thankfully, organizations, like the New Georgia Project, are changing that. Founded in 2013, The New Georgia Project is a non-partisan organization dedicated to developing and leveraging tools that make it easier for Georgia’s rising electorate to engage in not just major elections, but every election. 

Founded by politician, activist, lawyer, author, and now Star Trek actress Stacey Abrams, the New Georgia Project was originally intended to support Georgians with enrolling in healthcare coverage under the Affordable Health Care act. But as it evolved to take on voter registration, so did the ways it engaged with its constituents. One of its latest initiatives is its new game This is Not a Game. This match-3 game (think Candy Crush Saga) allows users to choose their hero and battle the notorious Mr. System. 

With an increase in voter suppression efforts and misinformation campaigns, the New Georgia Project’s latest initiative offers a new way for Georgia residents to become civically engaged and educated. Geeks of Color spoke with the CEO of the New Georgia Project, Nsé Ufot, on This is Not a Game, how gaming enhances their approach to educating voters, and what’s next for the New Georgia Project. 

Check out the interview with Nsé Ufot about the New Georgia Project video game below:

Be sure to download This is Not a Game.

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