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Interview: Adassa And Mauro Castillo Talk ‘Encanto’, Colombian Representation & More

It is Encanto week!

Disney’s latest animated feature is set to hit theatres on November 24 and with that came the opportunity to sit down and talk with two of the film’s stars, Adassa and Mauro Castillo who play Dolores Madrigal and Félix Madrigal, respectively.

The dynamic duo spoke about what exploring their Colombian culture through the lens of Encanto meant to them, the diversity of the Madrigal family, the representation of Afro-Colombians, and much more!

Check out the full interview with Adassa and Mauro Castillo below:

Encanto Review Snippet

The Colombian spirit is a huge part of the movie, with buñuelos, arepas de queso, the classic Colombian accordion, wildlife native to Colombia and so much more. This is all-important since the country is truly a natural wonder. This is the kind of depiction Colombian movie fans have been waiting for. Colombia es un país hermoso or, “Colombia is a beautiful country.”

This is something that is said constantly, almost as a mantra to the Colombian people. We believe that our nation is blessed regardless of the hardships and conflicts that have infected it. It’s an adamant love and confidence in the country that has been longstanding. Being a Colombian movie fan for so many years means I’m fairly familiar with the Hollywood depictions of the nation and it hasn’t been good, to say the least. This is a refreshing change that has been a long time coming which cannot be overlooked. – Andres Cabrera

Adassa and Mauro Castillo voice Dolores and Felix Madrigal in Encanto.
The Madrigal Family in Encanto. (© 2021 Disney. All Rights Reserved.)

Be sure to see Adassa and Mauro Castillo in Disney’s Encanto when it opens in theatres on November 24!

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