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Interview: ‘Deathloop’ Voice Actor Jason E. Kelley Talks Diversity & More

The masterpiece that is Arkane Studio’s DEATHLOOP is an absolute knockout. From its gorgeous setting to the countless ways to replay the game in search of coveted loot, this title drops players on a cold, time-warped island and leaves them there to die. Thankfully, Colt Vahn, DEATHLOOP’s main character, is an amazing companion.    

The GoC team got to catch up with the man who brought Colt to life, Jason E. Kelley (Grown-ish and Mayor of Kingstown), and discussed how he approached the role, his thoughts on representation, and what he hopes fans walk away with. Kelley helped establish the first all-Black coed improv troupe at Los Angeles’ Second City Hollywood and his knack for comedic delivery shines in DEATHLOOP.

Kelley’s credits and accolades speak to his commitment to his craft, as well as his versatility. Gaming credits aren’t his only talents—an NAACP Theatre Award and voiceover Emmy Award also have his name on them. Being able to represent Black voice actors and be part of a diverse cast helped fuel Kelley’s approach to the role and what he takes with him into his future work.

Check out our interview with Jason E. Kelley below:

In Deathloop, the player takes on the role of Colt, an assassin stuck in a time loop who has been tasked to take out eight targets called Visionaries across the island before midnight, as leaving even one alive will cause the time loop to reset and undo his work.

Colt Vahn - voiced by Jason E. Kelley
Colt Vahn from DEATHLOOP. (Courtesy of Arkane Studios)

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