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‘The Matrix Resurrections’ Trailer Opens Up Endless Rabbit Holes For Speculation

It’s finally here. The trailer for the highly anticipated next installment in The Matrix franchise dropped its first official trailer this morning to the sound of excited but slightly confused fans. It’s been a long time coming since the first revolutionary film, which was released all the way back in 1999, so the the idea of bringing it back now, has to come with a purpose. Although, all things considered, The Matrix is one of the most successful original IP in recent movie history, so on a WB perspective, the plan always seemed like a logical one. With the return of Keanu Reeves, Carrie Anne Moss, and most importantly, the original visionary director, Lana Wachowski, the pieces are there for a refreshing take on the groundbreaking franchise. 

The trailer opens with a Neo, that is seemingly still in the Matrix program having dreams of a past fantastical life. We see him meeting Trinity for the “first time” and fighting through a blue pill medication. The trailer proceeds to introduce Jessica Henwick’s character with a white rabbit tattoo, as a callback to the first movie, and an almost alternate version of the first film plays out, as Neo discovers what the Matrix is, complete with Yahya Abdul-Mateen II filling in for the Morpheus sensei role. 

Questions naturally begin to fill our mind: Is this an alternative timeline where Neo took the blue pill? Is Yahya Abdul-Mateen II playing a younger Morpheus? Is this a new version of the Matrix where Neo has to break out as “The One” again? All of these seem valid, considering we know very little plot details from the film, but a few begin to rise to the surface if you follow the clues. 

*Please note, there will be spoilers for The Matrix trilogy ahead.*

Naturally, we have to head back to end of the trilogy to try and figure out where we currently are in the timeline. Revolutions ends with Neo sacrificing his life for humanity, while defeating Smith and giving humans the choice to break free from the Matrix. Some not so subtle, biblical imagery here, complete with a final crucifix pose from Neo as he lets out a burst of pure light to signify his “Holy Spirit” setting humanity free. Going along with that symbolism, the Wachowskis have long used the Jesus metaphor throughout The Matrix trilogy, so now that the long awaited sequel is titled, Resurrections, it’s safe to assume this could apply to Neo rising again from his sacrificial death to complete an even larger purpose. 

In the Christian bible, Jesus dies on the cross and rises again on the third day. Big question is, what happened to Jesus in those three days? Where did he go? There are a ton of interpretations to the answer of that question, from simply saying heaven, to purgatory, to even a descension into hell for a proclamation to the lost souls; but if we are to take this same question and apply it to Neo, we could potentially see where Resurrections is going. If we are seeing Neo rise again, perhaps this film opens with what happened to Neo in his three day slumber and the efforts it took to break him out of it. 

At the end of Revolutions, the machines are seen taking a glowing, presumably dead, Neo, back to their Machine city. From here, we could possibly connect the dots to Resurrections where perhaps Neo was re-uploaded into the new Matrix program and given his old false life. Trinity could have also have gotten the same treatment as we see her sacrifice her life just to get Neo to the Machine headquarters. Maybe, Henwick and Abdul-Mateen II’s characters are Zion’s newest captains sent to wake Neo up once again to fulfill his mission. The Architect did warn the Oracle that peace wouldn’t last long, so Neo’s resurrection could be the new beginning for humanity to take a bigger step in retaking their autonomy from the machines. 

There’s also a possibility that this a specially designed Matrix program especially for Neo. His own personal purgatory, as he rises again. He is reliving alternate versions of past events with a different take on Morpheus and Trinity. The machines seemed to embrace Neo at the end of the trilogy and could potentially be preparing him for the future chaos that could ensue in upcoming Matrix programs. Having a “One” on their side wouldn’t be such a bad thing, considering how they fared against Smith. 

The truth is, the possibilities are endless in the world of The Matrix. That is what made it a transcendent film franchise to begin with. Yes, we can point to the amazing fight sequences and slow-mo, but the heady, philosophical storyline is what has the hardcore fans coming back for more. What’s good, is that we get a few more months of endless speculation before we see where the story is going. Knowing what Lana Wachowski has meant to so many, I can bet that this will be something beautifully unexpected. Perhaps, instead of Neo simply returning as “The One”, he will show others their potential of unlocking their abilities. We will have to wait and see in December. 

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