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‘Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge — Last Call’ Is The Ultimate Playground For Star Wars Fans – Game Review 

It’s been nearly a year since Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge made its debut on the Oculus Quest 2. My passion for VR has grown exponentially since the start of the pandemic (wear a mask) and Tales from The Galaxy’s Edge has been one of the games I’ve revisited the most. Fans of the game can now complete the story with the second part, Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge – Last Call. If you had the chance to play part one, I will say that part two exceeds the first on every level, while still being the same game I fell in love with. 

After getting my hands on part two, I Immediately booted up the quest and it felt like returning home. In part two, we really get to see our protagonist complete a full hero’s journey, and when that’s done right in the Star Wars universe, it is so perfect. There are some really deep interpersonal connections with the people and places on Batuu. One of main themes in Star Wars is family, whether that be by blood or not. Not only do we go on this journey that  helps to organically discover and appreciate our home planet, but one also comes out on the other side with a family, of sorts – one of the player’s own making.

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge — Last Call
(Courtesy of ILMxLAB)

In Last Call, I was able to explore even more of the Batuu wilds and what it had to offer. In this story, Dok-Ondar needs assistance and hires you to recover an ancient artifact.  This sets up new environments like Sardeevem Chasm and the Cavern of the Moons. Although this was a DLC building from the first part, the villains and the threats felt new and different from the enemies I faced before. Some games will simply just repaint the NPC but Last Call truly feels like they put in so much love to make sure it was able to keep the players intrigued and focused. They also added a new hover pack module which added a little more dynamic motion to the hover ability. This makes you feel even more like a badass when you’re taking down enemies.  The designers also added comfort options like smooth turn and shift-teleport. So, when you make a jump from place to place or turn in place, you can move smoothly within the world without “blinking”. 

Another experience I truly enjoyed in Last Call was the Bounty of Boggs Trif. In this quest you get to play as  IG-88, a class four assassin droid and one of the top bounty hunters in all of known Space. If you’ve seen The Mandalorian, it is the same droid family as IG-11. When it comes to moving and turning in VR if not done and calibrated right, you can get sick very easily. However, thanks to the work of the designers and engineers, the experience was extremely enjoyable and they really captured the fast movements of an IG droid. There is a special move added that has the iconic spinning arms and shooting in all directions, and it is epic

(Courtesy of ILMxLAB)

Ady Sun’Zee (who we met in part one) is back, but this time the story is set in the High Republic era many years after her first tale. She is now a Jedi Knight and must teach her Padawan, Nooa, the ways of the Force. The High Republic is still fairly new to the Star Wars world, so getting to experience a part of that in virtual reality, really made me want to dive more into the lore and what everything is all about. And after completing this story, I would not mind seeing an Ady Disney+ series.

Director Jose Perez III and the rest of the ILMxLAB team truly have created one of my most favorite VR games/experiences to date. Although Last Call just debuted, I cannot wait to see what is next for the team and the future of Star Wars gaming. Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge Last Call truly made me feel like I was a part of my own story and my own world within the Star Wars universe.

Star Wars: Tales from the Galaxy’s Edge — Last Call is now available on the Oculus Quest platform for $9.99, or a total of $34.99 for the full experience. 

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