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Interview: Ninja Talks ‘Free Guy’, His Hopes For A ‘Dark Souls’ Movie & More

Free Guy is now in theaters!

Leading up to the films release, I had a chance to sit down with some of the most popular streamers in the gaming industry who also have some cool cameos in the movie.

In my first interview, I sat down with the legendary Ninja to talk about his gaming setup in the film and discussed what type of NPC he would be if he was placed in New City. Since this is a video game movie, we asked Ninja what video game he would like to see brought to life and who it would star, and lastly, Ninja shared his favorite Ryan Reynolds movie (besides Free Guy of course).

Check out the interview with Ninja below:

When a bank teller discovers he’s actually a background player in an open-world video game, he decides to become the hero of his own story — one that he can rewrite himself. In a world where there’s no limits, he’s determined to save the day his way before it’s too late, and maybe find a little romance with the coder who conceived him.

Free Guy cast - Ninja interview
Cast of Free Guy (Courtesy of 20th Century Studios)

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