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The Meaning Of ‘Constantine’

The crew meets up with special guest DJ Woolridge to discuss Constantine (2005) and Wooldridge’s upcoming comic book, HELLBENT, and how they both personify religion to tell good stories.

They discuss how their religious upbringings put the horror genre as a whole into perspective and how stories use this commonality to their advantage. They dig into the intricacies of religion that make the Constantine character work and get more popular with each adaption. They tie this into how DJ Woolridge and co-writer Jayna July tailored the perfect, badass story to an audience regardless of their religious beliefs. 

What the hell is HELLBENT, you ask? “HELLBENT is the heart scorching tale of a trans woman coming out, flipping the bird to her fanatical father (the Devil himself), and going on the run with a deadly occult hitman to prevent the apocalypse!” 

If you want to know more about the world of HELLBENT and how you can support it, check out its Kickstarter!

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