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Interview: Zach Parrish And Keone & Mari Madrid Discuss Their Short Film ‘Us Again’

Us Again is now streaming on Disney+! If you haven’t watched it already, please take a few minutes out of your day to watch this incredibly masterful short film.

Us Again - Stills
(Courtesy of Disney)

For those unfamiliar with the story, Us Again tells the tale of an elderly man named Art and his young-at-heart wife Dot who rekindle their zest for life through dance one magical night. Warning: you might shed a tear or two.

The short film was directed by Zach Parrish and they captured the footage for the dancing from the incredible duo Keone and Mari Madrid. In celebration of the new film, we had the chance to sit down with the team to discuss what it was like bringing this from the script to screen.

During the chat, Parrish discussed the personal inspirations that led him to tell this story and why it was so important to him. Keone and Mari talked about what it was like working with Disney and the collaborative process on how to tell the story solely using movements. Keone and Mari recently had a kid and they shared how special this was now that they in a new stage in their life as a family. Parrish also shared his thoughts on what it was like to see the final picture once it was finished.

Check out the Us Again interview with Zach Parrish and Keone & Mari Madrid below:

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