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‘Wolfwalkers’ Is An Engaging And Beautiful Animated Film That Never Ceases to Amaze – Review

Wolfwalkers is a beautiful and emotional animated film that grabs hold of one’s heart the moment it begins. The superb animation is reason enough to enjoy the film, but its beating heart is a lesson on the power of love and found family.

Wolfwalkers - Still
(Courtesy of Cartoon Saloon)

The Irish fairy tale follows young Robyn Goodfellowe (Honor Kneafsey) as she and her father Bill (Sean Bean) adapt to a new town in Ireland. Robyn is often left alone because her father is the town’s hunter, tasked with hunting down the wolves that threaten the crops and livestock. The townspeople are particularly dissatisfied with the wolves, and are led by the ruthless Lord Protector who is adamant about their eradication.

The film is rather simple in its messaging. Through Robyn and Mebh Óg MacTíre (Eva Whittaker), the young wolfwalker that befriends Robyn, we unfurl the tried and true story of being respectful and treating others with dignity, even if they aren’t quite like you. In fact, the film reiterates that differences are cause for celebration and the chance to see the world through the eyes of a new friend opens up new experiences and possibilities. Through their profound relationship, aided beautifully by the stunning imagery on display, the film grips us with giving us a truly immersive and moving experience full of heart and beauty.

(Courtesy of Cartoon Saloon)

The cast and the characters they play are all exceptional, with Kenasfey and Whittaker being standouts as our leads. The character design and the environment they inhabit is vivid. The look of hand-drawn animation has become a thing of the past, but Wolfwalkers is a hearty reminder that the quality, texture and liveliness of this medium is unmatched. The delicate craftsmanship on display is so clearly seen and felt – not only in the final artwork, but in the story as well. They go hand in hand, and as Robyn is reintroduced to the idea of appreciating the beauty of nature, we the audience are reintroduced to a classic medium that is endlessly delightful to watch and immerse ourselves in.

Wolfwalkers is triumph in animation and storytelling in every regard. It’s truly perfect for the whole family to weep over this holiday season. It is thrilling, engaging and stunning throughout every frame. It is the sort of animated film that will live long in one’s mind and the desire to experience it again never ceases.

Wolfwalkers is available to stream on AppleTV+.

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