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‘Godmothered’ Is Wholesome Holiday Fun For The Entire Family – Review

While there are always the classic holiday watches to consider, every now and then something new arrives that’s full of the delightful holiday magic that we crave. This year, Disney+ aims to give audiences just that with their new original film, Godmothered

Hailing from a place called The Motherland, fairy godmother-in-training, Eleanor (Jillian Bell) is doing her best to learn the ins-and-outs of becoming a fairy godmother. Under the tutelage of the headmistress of The Motherland, Moira (Jane Curtin), Eleanor aims to become one of the best fairy godmothers there is. However, her unskilled ways usually get the best of her. When she learns her job as a fairy godmother is in jeopardy due to people’s lack of belief in the magical beings, Eleanor decides to take matters into her own hands. 

Jillian Bell as Eleanor in Godmothered (Courtesy of Disney+)

Eleanor retrieves a forgotten wish and decides to head into the human world with the encouragement of fellow fairy godmother, Agnes (June Squibb). With her wand at the ready, Eleanor sets forth on her new journey, seeking out letter writer Mackenzie Walsh (Isla Fisher), only to discover that Mackenzie’s wish had gone neglected for so long that the young girl she thought she’d be meeting is now an adult, with children of her own. Of course, Mackenzie no longer believes in magic and doesn’t have any need for a fairy godmother. However, Eleanor is not easily dissuaded and vows to show Mackenzie she should still believe, magic is real and with Eleanor’s help, she can have her happily ever after. 

Directed by Sharon Maguire, Godmothered is a feel-good holiday treat that the entire family is sure to enjoy. Not only is the film funny and sweet, it shows us that a person’s happily ever after can be one of many things. Sure, while it’s always nice to find our Prince Charming, life doesn’t necessarily have this in the cards for all people. Therefore, a happily ever after could mean finally getting that dream job, spending time with loved ones, or learning how to do something you’ve always wanted to. Happiness comes in many forms and Godmothered shines in showing us that the formula for happily ever after, doesn’t only enter our lives in one way.

Isla Fisher as Mackenzie and Willa Skye as Mia in Godmothered (Courtesy of Disney+)

Bell and Fisher dazzle as the film’s leads. Both have impeccable comedic timing (which can be seen in their other credits) and they play off of one another well as the tale unfolds. Through the various ups-and-downs the pair experience through the film, there is something undeniable about the pure friendship that blossoms between Eleanor, Mackenzie and her two daughters, Jane (Jillian Shea Spaeder) and Mia (Willa Skye), and all four actresses play this up outstandingly. The mother-daughter bond and fairy godmother-daughter bond is one that never seems contrived and also provides for some of the best moments throughout the film.

While different from your typical fairy godmother film, this is what sets Godmothered apart from the rest. It’s a fresh take on a concept that’s existed for a plethora of years, and it does a great job of building upon the existing lore of fairy godmothers in an exciting way. So, if you’re looking for a new movie to add to your holiday watch lists, be sure to consider Godmothered. Not only will it leave you with some valuable lessons along the way, it will also leave you and your family laughing, and enjoying all of the good things that the holiday season brings.

Godmothered premieres exclusively on Disney+ on December 4.

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