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TwitchCon Going Virtual With The All-New GlitchCon

[Via Press Release]

On November 14, TwitchCon goes virtual with a first-year online extravaganza dubbed GlitchCon. The stream will feature over 425 Twitch creators across four channels during their 12-hour Saturday event. 

Twitch Partners Mari Takahashi (pro gamer/Survivor star) and JD Witherspoon (comedian/Super Punch) host this free celebration of streaming. GlitchCon features star-studded tournaments, highly-anticipated launches, unexpected surprises, and a talent show with a $40,000 prize! 

GlitchCon Highlights: 

  • Welcome Address: from Twitch CEO Emmett Shear.
  • Artist Alley Showcase: An online shopping experience twist. Artists showcase their one-of-a-kind artwork including amazing live demos. See something you like? Tune in to find out how to purchase amazing art you simply can’t live without.
  • Glitchrun w/GDQ: A speedrun of Dark Souls but harder. (<3 Game Done Quick)
  • Cosplay Contest: Multiverse Edition: For the first time ever, cosplayers from around the world come together to compete live on Twitch. The expert judges include Kamui Cosplay, KikiKannon, TockCustom, and StellaChuu. Join host Mica Burton as she presents the Needlework, Armor,  FX, and Larger Than Life divisions. Want to hear the best part? Twitch chat decides a fan favorite winner and the overall cash prize pool is $18,000!
  • Let’s Make a Game:  It’s a game jam with Twitch chat! Collaborate with the Twitch audience and make real-time decisions to build a new video game. Chat’s creation will be playtested on stream, and available for download post-event. 
  • GlitchCon Showdown: Twitch Rivals brings together sixteen top Twitch creators to make four Super Teams. Each group competes for a share of the $500k prize pool. The four major competitions will be held in Fortnite, League of Legends, Valorant, and Fall Guys with one Super Team being crowned the champion of 2020.
  • Guess the Gamer: Hosted by Sodapoppi, Jericho, and UmiNoKaiju, Guess the Gamer features Twitch Partners lilypichu, tfue, djrayraytaiwan, dexbonus, and misskyliee. They’re dropped into games with a masked celebrity. Twitch Chat and the panelist work together to find clues and uncover the masked gamers. 
  • GlitchCon Afterparty: The con will close with a global celebration of artists and musicians. Hosted by T-Pain, featuring music from multiple artists of Twitch.

Check out for more info and the full schedule. GlitchCon kicks off Saturday, November 14 at 9:00 am (PST) on Twitch.


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