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Interview: Tohoru Masamune and Tiffany Chu Discuss Season 3 of ‘Artificial’, Future Roles, A.I. Beings & More

I’m a massive nerd for shows and movies that explore philosophical and human issues as well as those that showcase innovative storytelling techniques. My Editor-in-Chief must know me well enough to recommend the Twitch-exclusive streaming series, Artificial. 

The series, created by Emmy-Award winning director, Bernie Su (check out my previous interview with him), began as an interview-style show featuring Dr. Matt Lin (Tohoru Masamune) attempting to induct his creation, Sophie Lin (Tiffany Chu), into humanity, despite her being a humanoid A.I. being. The show streams on Twitch (yes, you heard me correctly) and uses audience interaction in a way I’d never seen before. When watching each episode live, viewers in the chat can make certain decisions that are posed – from choosing Sophie’s favorite color to straight-up voting characters out of the show!

Tohoru Masamune and tiffany Chu - Interview
(Courtesy of Twitch)

Season 3 began in June and saw the return of Masamune and Chu (though under different circumstances with her) as well as brand new faces, some of which were created by the fans themselves. Season 3 had more interaction than ever before, with the audience getting to build characters for the new actors, like Dante Basco’s Zander (check out Stark’s interview with him) and Devon Werkheiser’s Asher.

Rounding out this season, we see Carmen (La Trice Harper), Justin (Justin Lee), and Sebastian (Stephen A. Chang) return from the previous season, though this season is lead by Elle (Christy St.John), who’s hired by Sebastian to re-test Lin’s A.I. code in a new body. With so many other talented performers in this cast (notably Jennifer Field’s Dr. Ruby), this season was destined to be something special, and something special it is.

I was fortunate enough to sit down with Masamune and Chu to talk about both of their characters returning to season 3 after the shocking finale of the second season! Chu and I also talked about what roles she might want to tackle in the future, while Masamune geeked out about his love and knowledge of engineering and what he might do with his on A.I. being.

These were two very insightful and fantastic conversations! Check them out below:

Don’t forget to watch the final two episodes of Artificial season 3 on Twitch September 24, 2020 and October 1, 2020 at 5:00 PM (PST)!

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