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Interview: DJ D-Nice Talks DC FanDome, Returning to The Blerd & Boujee Party for the Second Year & More

DC FanDome is currently underway! 

To wrap up the event later this evening, DJ D-Nice will be performing a set during the Blerd & Boujee Party being held over on his instagram! 

Before he takes the stage tonight, we had a chance to sit down with him for a quick interview to talk about his music, returning to Blerd & Boujee for a second year in a row and much more!

Check out the interview below:

Before we get started talking about DC FanDome, I saw a recent post saying you’re moving out of your place. What’s it like leaving the place you’ve set up Club Quarantine in? 

DJ D-Nice: That was difficult and very emotional because that was the first place I lived in Los Angeles and the whole reason for doing the club quarantine was because I was sitting there alone, and realized I had been traveling for a year and I never made my place home and Club Quarantine inspired a lot of people. At first it was self servicing but after day two it was about recognizing the people need something to help them during these times. 

So we’re here for DC FanDome! Last year, I had the honor of attending the first Blerd & Boujee party and got to see you perform live. Can you talk about what it’s like returning and being able to perform again even though it’s under different circumstances? 

DJ D-Nice: It’s kind of nice being included in the DC FanDome. I’m not an actor or on one of the shows – I  play music, and I play great music, and I see people inspired. So, to be able to return to showcase my talents for the people that are in the DC Universe is really nice. Ideally being a person is what we would love but I think beauty of all of this is now there are so many more people that are able to experience what we did last year with the Blerd & Boujee Party. It’s kind of nice to be able to still show them what’s going on and and introduce them to the people behind the scenes. I think this will be a fantastic weekend! 

Besides the Blerd & Boujee party, you will be co-moderating the BAWSE panel with Estelle. What can fans expect from the panel? 

DJ D-Nice: To be moderating a panel with Estelle is a dream come true and to be moderating a panel in the DC Universe is a dream come true. The panel has some amazing women of Color from the DC universe like Javicia Leslie (Batwoman), Meagan Good (Shazam!), Candice Patton (The Flash), Damaris Lewis (Titans), Tala Ashe (DC’s Legends of Tomorrow), Anna Diop (Titans), Nafessa Williams (Black Lightning) ad Chantal Thuy (Black Lightning).

Speaking of Nafessa, the Black Lightning cast showed out at last year’s party! Can you talk about working with them?

DJ D-Nice: Nafessa is awesome. The thing about Black Lightning is that it is so beautiful to see heroes of color that look like me and meeting them was so much fun. We had the boat rocking last year and nobody wanted the party to end and seeing the whole cast having a blast was a big highlight. She (Nafessa) was one of the first people to join Club Quarantine and show me love and i really appreciate that. Getting to moderate a panel with her on it is going to be exciting and I can’t wait.

Do you have any advice for up and coming DJs or people that are trying to get into the music industry during these strange times and how they can use their platforms like you have?

DJ D-Nice: This hard time has given people a chance to use their voices properly. People want authenticity they want to see who you are. I don’t know if it will work for everyone, but I just figured like, I just kind of give people a little bit of who I am. You know, I don’t walk around angry all day. There’s a lot of protest and stuff going on. I’ve been involved with the protests and not just physically but also with my music. Played music that reflects whats going wrong. So I try to use my platform to inspire people, keep people motivated, to make someone smile. I want to keep people educated. Keep people laughing. I’m always mindful of what I play. So I try to keep everything family friendly.

DJ D-Nice will be live on at 6:30 p.m. PST!

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