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Check Out This ‘Lovecraft Country’ Inspired Care Package Sourced From Black-Owned Businesses

Lovecraft Country will air on HBO on Sunday nights starting August 16. If you haven’t already, make sure to check out our review of the new series! 

To celebrate the release of the upcoming show, the team over at HBO sent us a care package to help us on our journey throughout the shows launch. To ensure the care package felt as authentic as possible, they sourced every item from Black-owned businesses. Below you will find an unboxing video showing off all the items and you will also find links and descriptions to all the businesses just in case you want to show them some support! 

Bag By Autopilot:

A bag is a vessel for transition. Whether you’re headed across town or across the globe, Autopilot makes bags to take you there. Created by Talib Graves-Manns and Christopher Tuning they promote the open exploration of the world through travel, through provocation, and the liberal exchange of ideas across cultural boundaries. In fact, each piece is designed to enable travelers to freely traverse the world as their true selves. Bending fashion technology and lived experiences, they want you along for the ride. What you pack says as much about you as where you’re going. Are you packing light?  

Sunglasses By Bôhten Eyewear

Sunglasses alter the way you view the world. Bôhten Eyewear is a company that invites us to envision ourselves in the metropolis of modern West Africa. Each of their frames is made from recycled materials sourced from West Africa and inspired by the beauty of the landscapes found in Ghana. Co-Creators Nana Boateeng and Nana Kwadwo spent their formative years in the UK, Ghana and New York, and saw firsthand the impact of culture and travel and how we relate to each other. It’s no surprise that Bohten represents contrasting identities, shifting cultural paradigms and changeling the status quo.

Candle By Bright Black

Candles are symbols of light in the darkness and a guiding force to travel the path ahead. Entrepreneurship is a force for building generational wealth and bringing light to a community. Bright Black is a candle company based in Durham, North Carolina that honors the brilliance of Blackness and the history of Black Entrepreneurship. Scent artist Tiffany Giffin and Dariel Heron launched their line of hand-poured candles with custom-blended scents in 2014. Their mission is to continue to spread positive narratives around Blackness and foster acknowledgement of a powerful history.

Sweatshirt By BLK MKT Vintage – currently down for maintenance

Vintage pieces are vestiges of lived experiences whether our own or those we borrow from others. BLK MKT Vintage is a collection of Black ephemera, heirlooms, and curiosities representing the richness of Black history. As cultural historians, founders Janna Handy and Kiyanna Stewart have spent years picking and curating their thoughtful collection for both reverence and accessibility. Their reclamation of Black artifacts extends to black spaces as the opened a brick-and-mortar store and community gathering space in Bed-Stuy, Brooklyn in 2019.

Books From Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse

Heroes come in all forms, but not all heroes are given the spotlight. Amalgam Comics & Coffeehouse in North Philadelphia are committed to changing that as the first Black woman-owned comic store on the East Coast. Owner Ariell Johnson looks for titles from nontraditional groups, including people of color, women, and the LGBTQ community. The space invites diverse comic book and sci-fi fans, hardcore gamers, movie addicts, television connoisseurs and zombie Apocalypse survivalist to meet and use their combined powers to change the world. Ariell first recognized herself in the character of Storm from X-Men.

Sunset Supper From Black-Owned Restaurants

(Photo by Kelly Marshall)

The team also sent a $50 Grubhub gift card so we could order from Black-owned restaurants.


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