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Interview: Dante Basco Discusses His Character in ‘Artificial,’ His Upcoming Directorial Debut & More

I had the unmistakable honor of interviewing the one and only Dante Basco to delve into his latest performance on the third season of the Twitch series Artificial.

Premiering in 2018, Artificial is a live-streamed interactive web series that airs once a week. The series focuses on a team trying to make the most humane and self-aware artificial intelligence known to man. After a deadly incident last season, the team has hopes that the new AI, Lilith (Tiffany Chu), will change things for the better.

The Emmy Award-winning show takes fan interaction to the next level. Viewers vote to create characters, move the plot, and even change the music based on the emotions picked up in the chat.

Basco and I talk about how he got into the novel series and what it’s like getting into his wacky fan-created character, Zander. He also sheds light on being a representative of Asian culture on film and his directorial debut of the Basco family’s The Fabulous Filipino Brothers.

Basco started his acting career at age 13 and is best-known for his voice acting as Zuko on the hit Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender and portraying Rufio in the cult classic, Hook.

Check out the interview below:

Basco debuted his fan-created character, Zander, in the third episode of the third season. Fans voted to make Zander a rival of the artificial intelligence creator Sebastian (Stephen Chang), but also gave him some pretty strange traits: he’s a controlling, superstitious, flamboyant playboy who likes to act as a medium between our world and the spirit world. Does that last part sound familiar? To make it even more bizarre, he likes to say “wink wink” with or without the actual act of winking.

Dante Basco - Zander
Dante Basco as the sly Zander. (Photo courtesy of Twitch/MPRM)

Do you want to be a part of the audience and help shap the plot? You think you can handle it? Check out Artificial exclusively on Twitch!

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