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‘Doom Patrol’ Season 2 Gives Audiences Even More to Love – Review

During the last episode of Doom Patrol‘s fist season, audiences saw the team going their separate ways and trying to venture out into the world. However, that doesn’t last long as the team is summoned to Doom Manner in order to take on a new challenge – they have to save Danny and Caulder’s daughter. The one caveat was that the team ended up being pint-sized.

With the second season nearly upon us, I had the pleasure of watching the first three episodes of the series and I have to say, thus far, it’s just as enjoyable as the first. With the minuscule team still at odds, but trying to make the best of their unfortunate situation, with Larry hard at work to restore his team members to their original size, the Doom Patrol is getting restless. Only three episodes in and the team is already dealing with a lot more than they can handle. Still trying to tie up loose ends as it pertains to Mr. Nobody, the mismatched clan of superheroes is still dealing with their diminutive statures and the new addition to the family in Caulder’s daughter, Dorothy.

Doom Patrol - Season 2
Cast of Doom Patrol for Season 2 (Courtesty of HBO Max)

Many of the team members don’t know exactly what to make of Dorothy and aren’t too thrilled to have a child added to the mix. While some are good with Dorothy like Rita and Cyborg; the others are a bit too foul-mouthed when it comes to the youngster (yes, I am referring to Cliff and Jane – even though Jane does have soft moments from time-to-time). But as this new dynamic is something that the team truly had to adjust to, it makes for some extremely funny moments and a fair few tense ones within the first three episodes in the series.

With the first season giving us important glimpses of each character’s past, the second season expands upon some of their stories and shows the growth that the characters have experienced thus far. While some have some a long way, there are still those who are stuck in their ways and the past continually haunts them. Many of the team members have their proverbial crosses to bear and as the time goes by, you can see the toll it takes on them. It will be interesting to see where this second season will take all of the team members and just how each of them will solve their respective problems. From what I’ve been able to watch thus far. This season looks like it will be a promising one, for sure.

Jane and Cliff in Season 2 of Doom Patrol (Courtesy of HBO Max)

What I love most about Doom Patrol is the cast. Whether it is the voice acting of Brendan Fraser (Cliff/Robotman) and Matt Bomer (Larry/Negative Man), or the on-set performances from Diane Guerrero (Jane), April Bowlby (Rita/Elasti-Woman), Timothy Dalton (Niles Caulder/The Chief), Joivan Wade (Victor/Cyborg) or the newest addition to the cast, Abigail Shapiro (Dorothy Spinner) – everyone is amazing as their respective characters. Not only are the actors great on their own, it’s truly something special to see them share moments together on-screen. They have a chemistry with one another that is a marvel to watch and truly makes the series what it is.

While I am not able to share too much with you at this moment, I assure you that if you were a fan of the premiere season, you will definitely enjoy this one! The second season couples many of the elements that made the first something special and is working toward something even greater this time around. The first season of Doom Patrol was certainly something that surprised me. I didn’t think I would enjoy it as much as I did, and thus far, I have the same feeling this season as well. I am intrigued to see what else will happen as the second season plays out. I am already excited for what’s to come!

The second season of Doom Patrol starts on June 25!

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