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Interview: Kelvin Harrison Jr. Talks ‘The High Note’, Working With Dakota Johnson & Teases His Role in Season 2 of ‘Euphoria’

In anticipation of the upcoming Focus Features film The High Note hitting VOD this Friday, I had a virtual chat with Kelvin Harrison Jr. who plays David Cliff in the movie. The film was originally slated to be released in theaters, but due to the current pandemic fans will get to see it without having to leave their homes.  

During my chat with Harrison, we spoke about him singing in a movie for the first time and what the recording process was like, working with Dakota Johnson, and any advice he has for upcoming actors. He also teases his upcoming role in season 2 of HBO’s Euphoria

Check out the interview below: 

From acclaimed director Nisha Ganatra (Late Night) comes a hilarious and moving story about following your dreams set inside the dynamic world of L.A.’s glamorous music scene.

Superstars don’t come much bigger than Grace Davis (Ross), the celebrated diva whose unbelievable talent has won her countless accolades and the adoration of generations of fans. Keeping pace with Grace’s every demand is her devoted if overworked personal assistant Maggie (Johnson). Maggie spends her days traversing Los Angeles running errands, yet she still aspires to make it in the cutthroat, male-dominated music business as a producer. From the confines of the apartment she shares with her spunky roommate Katie (Zoe Chao), Maggie is secretly perfecting her own mix of Grace’s upcoming live greatest hits album. She’s convinced that her dogged work ethic and her devotion to preserving the classic elements of Grace’s sound will pay dividends.

Her skills are put to the test when Maggie meets gifted musician David Cliff (Harrison Jr.). As they write and record new material together, Maggie finds herself pulled between pursuing her passion and her commitment to Grace. Things come to a head when Grace’s long-time manager (Ice Cube) presents the singer with a choice that could alter the course of her career, and Grace must wrestle with a decision that could have life-altering consequences.

What follows is a series of surprises that not even the ultra-prepared assistant could have predicted—events poised to change both Maggie and Grace’s lives forever.

Watch Tracee Ellis Ross in the official music video for “Love Myself” from the movie right here and listen to the official playlist now!

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