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‘The Goddess Twins’ is a Magical Debut Novel From Yodassa Williams – Book Review

17-year-old twins Arden and Aurora are doing their absolute best to manage their school and home life balance. However, a milestone is fast approaching: their 18th birthday. Looking forward to this day, the twins are thrown into chaos when their famous mother disappears whilst on a tour in London. As if that isn’t enough, the pair also develop their latent powers of telepathy and telekinesis. Unaware of the powers bestowed upon them by the Gods, the twins make it their mission to find their mother as quickly as they can. 

However, nothing is truly as it seems and upon meeting some of their family members, Arden and Aurora come to realize that their family has a myriad of secrets that they must continue to uncover. But will these newfound revelations become too much for Aurora and Arden to handle? With things not always as they seem, the twins are in store for a new adventure with their newfound powers and goddess status. Now the girls just have to figure out whether or not these newfound discoveries will propel them onto a new path or will they be a hindrance?

The Goddess Twins - Cover
Cover for The Goddess Twins by Yodassa Williams (Courtesy of SparkPress)

Written by Yodassa Williams, The Goddess Twins was a great novel by a budding author. I enjoyed the magic that was weaved within the pages, as well as the mythological elements throughout. The idea behind the story was extremely intriguing and while I enjoyed the protagonists, the mythology, and the fact that they needed to stop a power-hungry man from trying to take over the world. That being said, I do feel like the book could have been a bit longer. At times, there were parts that felt as if they were rushed through when it would have played out better had readers been given more time to digest or take it in. However, this didn’t deter me from liking the novel. I just wish there was more time spent in certain areas.

I was also very interested in the Jamaican legends at play within the story. This was something that I’d never seen in a story before, so that was refreshing to read. I also really enjoyed Aurora and Arden. The pair were able to hold their own even with the odds stacked against them and while the twins had good character development, I do wish that the story had gotten the same treatment. While there was a lot of growth for the pair, there wasn’t enough time within the book to allow the story to play out properly to experience it all. 

Ultimately, The Goddess Twins was a good debut and one that is sure to be enjoyed by those who like interesting characters (both in protagonist and antagonist form), a memorable story and a lot of magical mythology.

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