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Work From Home Gig: Get Paid to Watch Disney+

In the last few weeks, the community has been asked to stay at home and practice social distancing. Because of this, some people have been forced into a finical strain. We wanted to share this fun and easy opportunity with you guys!

In October, there was a lot of buzz surrounding the Disney+ Dream Job, which had over 51,000 applicants. In recent weeks, there has been an increasing demand for opportunities to earn money from home. The team over at decided to reopen their vault, and are going to select 10 people at random to receive $200 and a year-long subscription to Disney+. 

The catch? If you’re selected, they just want you to watch your favorite Disney movie! 

You can find all of the details in the official job posting here:

Learn more about the program below:

Where: You can apply by sending us an email at with your name and favorite Disney movie, be sure to put “Dream Job” in the subject line!

When: This dreamy gig is open now until April 10!

Why: In recent weeks, the community has been asked to practice social distancing. For some, this has caused financial strain. We wanted to do our best to help as many people as possible and decided to re-open the vault and accept applications again. It is our sincere hope that this opportunity can help families relieve a bit of financial strain, and provide a positive experience despite uncertainty in the news. 

What: We will be choosing 10 applicants at random to receive $200 and a year-long subscription to Disney+. Our only ask is that the chosen winners take the opportunity to watch their favorite Disney movie! (Pretty sweet gig, right?)

Who: is a community of home and tech experts who help consumers choose the best products for their lifestyle in categories such as streaming, internet, TV, and home security. 


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