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Sweeney Boo Gives Readers A Graphic Novel Unlike Any Other With ‘Eat, And Love Yourself’ – Review

Story & Art by Sweeney Boo 

Colours by Joana LaFuente

Graphic novels can give readers a view into many things, but I never expected to read Eat, And Love Yourself and feel so seen. Within the pages of the latest book from BOOM! Box, the readers meet a young woman named Mindy. Fighting through her day-to-day life, doing her best to have a good work/life balance, while also dealing with an eating order that not many know about. 

After a night out with friends, Mindy stops at the store to pick up some groceries upon finding her fridge empty. During her visit, Mindy sees a chocolate bar with its label emblazoned boldy with the phrase, ‘Eat and Love Yourself’. Upon hearing that the chocolate was from a local business, Mindy is quick to support, adding the bar to the small pile of other items atop the checkout counter. Upon returning home and getting herself a bunch of snacks to eat, including the chocolate. However, what Mindy doesn’t know is that with every piece of chocolate, she’d be transported to her past where she relives the past – including moments that defined her. 

During these moments, we see just when Mindy’s eating disorder and body dysmorphia came into being and how it played its part is defining her and various relationships with her family, friends and love interests over her formative years. Dealing with the ups and downs of the past, coupled with dealing with her current issues in the present, is a lot for anyone to handle – and Mindy is no different. Mindy takes time away from her best friend after an argument, when she is close to making new friends, she pushes them away, she isn’t herself at work and she struggles to get things back on track. So, with both the past and present interconnecting in this strange way, Mindy knows she may have to do something drastic to put all the pieces back together. 

Ultimately, all of these happenings set off a chain of events that bring Mindy on a journey to loving herself again and while there are moments throughout the graphic novel that will likely leave the reader teary eyed, there are also many moments of levity so that you’re not left as a blubbering mess for the entire read. Author and artist Sweeney Boo (Marvel Action: Captain Marvel) tackles the topic of an eating disorder with a care and delicacy that was truly a treat to read. The way in which Boo made sure to show that Mindy gained a new mindset with each new time travel into the past was amazing. There was a progression that was heartening to watch and as a reader, I was certainly rooting for Mindy from the first page. 

Eat, And Love Yourself was a graphic novel that worked on so many levels. While there was a sadness and vulnerability that could be felt throughout which was utterly relatable, it is also a book that made me feel hopeful. A touching story that deals with harsh realities, Eat, And Love Yourself is worthy of a read for its message of loving oneself and finding the true power behind self-acceptance. 

Eat, And Love Yourself  is set to be released on April 21. You can pre-order the amazing graphic novel here.

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