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SXSW: 5 Music Videos You Can Watch Right Now

Even though SXSW was cancelled, SXSW had the wonderful idea to release an online catalog to accredited press. Throughout the week we will highlight artists, filmmakers and post film reviews to help spread the word about the talent that was originally meant to feature their various forms of art at SXSW!

Kicking off our coverage are five music videos from this year’s competition:


“Colors” explores the bonds of a young family living in the Bronx. They are displaced after unforeseen circumstances and this takes the family to unexpected places. Despite the challenges facing them, they find joy, hope, and each other.

The landscape of the Bronx is celebrated as a beautiful place. Eric Burton’s evocative movements and dance explore the emotions and the shifts we experience in life.


Laetitia Tamko (Vagabon) meditates on self-empowerment through movement and colored dreamscapes.


A depressed man living in his car finds his only joy when sign-spinning across Hollywood Blvd.


This music video drags us into one of Europe’s last peepshows. In front of three astounded clients, Kiddy Smile will perform a wild dance routine with provocative gestures and postures. Absolutely fascinated and literally falling under Kiddy’s spell, our three clients are going to be chased by their desires and the fantasies they have projected onto him.


A montage of fictional movie title screens from the 1960’s to early 2000’s. Created by Laura Gorun, Dimitri Basil, Cooper Roussel with graphics designed by Dora Forero.

If you loved these songs, you can check them out on Spotify!

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