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5 Reasons You Should Stay Home and Watch Bon Appétit!

Imagine if The Office was about a group of kitchen workers instead of paper sellers, well that my friend is what the Bon Appétit YouTube channel is. Where do I start with this beloved channel? For those unfamiliar with them, Bon Appétit is a monthly American food and entertaining magazine that usually contains recipes, entertaining ideas, and wine reviews. They also have a very successful YouTube channel!

I stumbled across Bon Appétit‘s YouTube channel last year while randomly scrolling through Twitter and saw a TikTok of a someone impersonating the legendary and magnificent Claire Saffitz. When I originally saw the TikTok I was so confused, but it gained over 30,000 retweets and likes which led me to look at the comments where people were saying how dead on his impression was. Curious, I decided to search her up on YouTube and that is when my life changed forever. 

I saw the video “Pastry chef attempts to make Gourmet Starburst” and decided to click on it. Flash forward 30 minutes later, I realized I had been watching someone recreate Starburst for half an hour without stopping or pausing. Then three hours later, I found myself still watching her content. Before the Bon Appétit Test Kitchen, I wasn’t really a fan of food so I stuck more to Claire’s videos because I knew what to expect, but then I decided if they put this amount of care into all their videos then they have to be amazing, and I was completely correct. Not only did I become a fan of the rest of the team, I slowly began to discover a passion for food. Albeit, I’m not a very good cook but I felt like I was learning enough that I could actually use these skills in my everyday cooking life. Since you will be spending a lot more time at home, I figured it would be cool to learn about some awesome food. Maybe you’ll find a recipe you want to recreate!

Here is a list of five reasons to watch Bon Appétit Test Kitchen while you’re stuck at home: 

  1. The Editing 

Editors are the unsung heroes of pretty much any video production. The Bon Appétit editors have consistently knocked it out of the ball park by creating content that never feels stagnant. The channel has multiple series for their chefs like “Gourmet Makes” or “It’s Alive”, and with those different series comes completely different editing styles. When Claire is reading off her recipes you can expect to see the words fill the screen, or when Brad says the word water you can always bet there will be a “Wourder” graphic that pops up. And even though the series all have different editing styles there’s a consistency among them all to where it still has that universal Bon Appétit appeal and charm.  They never miss a moment to jokingly throw little jabs at the chefs during the videos and it is hilarious.

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2. The Wholesomeness 

Bon Appétit cast member Gaby is the epitome of what wholesome means. The whole cast have their wholesome moments, but Gabby always brings something delightful, insightful, or funny to the table whenever she speaks.  The chefs at BA are very critical of their work (they wouldn’t be in their position if they weren’t) so sometimes when they get frustrated, their fellow chefs are always there with words of encouragement to make them feel better. During times like this when the world can seem so dark, Bon Appétit‘s videos radiate positive energy that’s bound to make you leave the video with the smile.

3. The Universal appeal 

As I mentioned earlier, I wasn’t a big fan of food to where I would watch hours of it on YouTube. I think one of the biggest reasons this channel is succeeding is because it feels like there is something there for everyone. Even if you aren’t a fan, they present the information in a fun and entertaining way that keeps you interested in wanting to learn more. For my movie fans, I suggest you watch them critique Kitchen scenes from movies and TV shows! The Chefs have even gone main stream and appeared on mainstream shows like Fallon & The Ellen Show!

Pro Chefs Review Restaurant Scenes In Movies | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

Pro Chefs Review Home Chefs From Movies and TV | Test Kitchen Talks | Bon Appétit

4. The Community 

The Bon Appétit community is one of the most positive communities that YouTube has. We all know the internet can be a dark place sometimes especially when it comes to the comment section. Thankfully Bon Appétit‘s fanbase are pretty chill and very clever. One of the funniest things is when Claire has a new Gourmet Makes and she starts the video off by saying, “I think this will be pretty easy”, but the video time is 40 minutes – you can always expect the comments to joke about that. There is also a running joke from the BA community of saying, “I would die for Claire from the Bon Appétit test kitchen” which was created by YouTuber Mike’s Mic.

5. The Chefs

The Chefs are by far the most important part of the BA Test Kitchen. The chemistry amongst them feels so authentic it truly makes you feel invested in whatever they’re doing in that particular video. One of the fun things I know BA fans like to do is point out when a fellow chef pops up in one of their coworkers’ videos. Some of BA’s best moments are from the random chef encounters that happen. Once you get started watching the videos one thing I would suggest is checking out some of the earlier ones and see how much all the chefs have grown. If you are a BA fan, I think we can all agree that Chris has had the biggest character development thus far.

Learn about some of the chefs here!

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This video isn’t sponsored by Bon Appetit. I just really love their channel.


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