Are you a fan of Twin Peaks? Well we’ve got some exciting news for you!

Collider Games, in association with SHOWTIME® and ViacomCBS Consumer Products have created a Virtual Reality Experience within the Twin Peaks World!

The Twin Peaks VR experience will launch on December 13th and you can check out the trailer right NOW!

The game, priced at $9.99, will be available for Oculus Rift, Oculus Rift-S, HTC Vive and HTC Vive Cosmos. Oculus Quest and Playstation VR versions will debut in the coming next year.

Designed in collaboration with David Lynch and his team to faithfully recreate the Twin Peaks world, the immersive game combines the supernatural, adventure and escape room genres, challenging players to solve enigmatic puzzles and explore detailed and authentic environments all within virtual reality for the first time ever. Players can revisit several locations from the iconic television series including the Red Room, Glastonbury Grove, Sheriff’s Department, Glass Box Observation and more. Exploring the various areas, fans of the franchise will be able to discover many Easter Eggs from the show.

About Collider Games

Collider Games is a development studio that creates cutting edge virtual reality games that push the boundaries of immersive entertainment. The company is led by a group of video game and entertainment industry veterans with a proven track record of creating and publishing genre-defying experiences. Our mission is to inform, entertain & engage into action our global audience through original IP, creativity & innovative technologies to make our Company one of the world’s most influential platforms.

Learn more at

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