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‘Code 8’ Spinoff Series Set for New Quibi Platform

It was announced earlier today that a Code 8 spinoff is in the works at Quibi. Launching on April 6, 2020, Quibi is a short-form video platform backed by major studios like Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Studios, Warner Bros., and more!

The Code 8 spinoff has yet to be named (I volunteer Code 9), but takes place a few years after the sci-fi/thriller, so many of the elements are the same. Jeff Chan will remain as the director and Chris Paré as writer, and cousins Robbie Amell and Stephen Amell are set to play the same characters. Robbie will play Connor, a working-class electrokinetic, and Stephen will play Garret, a telekinetic drug-dealer.

In the world of Code 8, they’re with the small 4% of the population that have superpowers. Due to bureaucratic corruption and bigotry, the other 96% marginalize their super-powered counterparts, forcing them below the poverty lines and often into a life of crime.

For a better yet spoiler-free analysis of the film, be sure to read my review here!

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Turns out they were planning a spin-off all along. (Photo courtesy of Vertical Entertainment)

Code 8 has made a hell of a journey. Going from an idea, to a short film, to an Indiegogo campaign, to a feature film, and now to a spinoff. This wasn’t done overnight though. The project has taken years of filming, crowdfunding, and a remarkable amount of fan support.

Code 8 is available for preorder now and it comes out this Friday, December 13, on on-demand and all streaming platforms and will be in select theaters.

Check out the official trailer here!

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