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9 Things We Learned From Our ‘ZombieLand: Double Tap’ Edit Bay Visit

Zombieland: Double Tap is right around the corner and we couldn’t be more excited for the follow up to the 2009 classic Zombieland. Last month, we had the opportunity to visit Ruben Fleischer while he was finishing up the sequel to talk about his project and why he returned for a second round!

The film is directed by Fleischer and was written by Rhett Reese, Paul Wernick, and David Callaham. The sequel sees the return of Woody Harrelson (Talahasse), Jesse Eisenberg (Columbus), Emma Stone (Wichita) and Abigail Breslin (Little Rock). They are joined by new cast members consisting of Rosario Dawson (Nevada), Zoey Deutch (Madison), Luke Wilson (Alburquerque), Thomas Middleditch (Flagstaff), Avan Jogia (Berkeley).

Here is what we know about Zombieland: Double Tap:

1. The idea for a sequel was conceived immediately after first film. The script was written, but was shelved. Everyone went off to do their own thing. After Gangster Squad was released Fleischer wanted to make another Zombieland and the studio couldn’t have been more excited. 

2. Fleischer was only willing to do a sequel if the script was as good as the first one. He didn’t want to tarnish the original.

3. It was very important to hit the 10 year anniversary mark. Fleischer took one week off after finishing the box office juggernaut Venom before working on the Zombieland sequel. The movie had a very similar production to the original.

(Courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment)

4. The Zombieland movies are the only films that Fleischer didn’t need reshoots or additional photography for.

5. Breslin’s Little Rock ends up leaving with boy from Berkely (Jogia). They end up going to a place called Babylon which is a commune for millennial types. It has as a Coachella vibe and is located at the top of a tower which is safe from zombies.

6. The sequel doesn’t explicitly state how much time has past from the last film, Breslin and consequently Little Rock represent the passage of time. It isn’t necessarily taking place 10 years later. 

(Courtesy of Sony Pictures Entertainment)

7. Zombies have evolved during this time. There are a few different species, but the main one is called T-800 ( an obvious nod to the Terminator movies). They are much harder to kill than the zombies we’ve seen in the past. 

8. This is Fleischer’s third film with Harrelson, Eisenberg, and Stone. He was extremely excited to come back to this cast. There was lots of improv scenes because the cast are gifted comedically.

9. Action is very elevated compared to the first film and the cast and crew are very proud of the action sequences they were able to pull off!

Zombieland: Double Tap crashes into theaters October 18, 2019.

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