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The Art of Ken Lashley at Fan Expo Canada 2019

On the Friday of Fan Expo Canada, the art of Ken Lashley took over one of the convention centre rooms. During the panel, fans of the famed comic book artist were able to watch him draw, tell various stories and answer questions from the audience.

During the hour-long panel, Lashley drew a picture of Superman’s nemesis, Doomsday (which was given away in a raffle at the panel’s end). Lashley spoke about his past project including his first mainstream comic book gig, doing the artwork on the X-Men comic, Excalibur, to his current work on Spider-Man.

Ken Lashley working on a Lady Thor commission at Fan Expo Canada 2019

Lashley spoke about his excitement to work on Spider-Man and that having watched Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse was one of the factors for that. Lashley spoke about how he enjoyed the film and how he found it relatable.

Lastly, Lashley showed off some of his latest commission requests and some pages from various comic books that he’s worked on throughout the years.

To see more of Lashley’s work, be sure to check out his website and follow him on his social media pages: Instagram, Facebook and Twitter.

Ken Lashley drawing Doomsday during the Art of Ken Lashley panel at Fan Expo Canada

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