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Interview: ‘Good Boys’ Star Keith L. Williams Talks Reading R-Rated Script for First Time

Imagine if Superbad had a prequel movie. Well, Good Boys is just that. With Good Boys now in theaters, we had the chance to sit down with breakout star Keith L. Williams where the young actor told us about his characters, some of the challenges he faced while playing the role, and what he’d like to do next.

Did your parents have a reaction to the script?

Keith: Yes, they did have a reaction. At first they were like, do we want to let him do this? And at first I didn’t want to do it either because of all the cussing, but then my mom told me it’s just acting, you know, go along with it. When I watched the unedited version for the reshoots in Canada, my face was cringing because I was like, ‘oh, I’m saying that stuff ‘ [laughs] but now I’m really just cool with it!

Can you tell the readers about your characters?

Keith: He is his a tender-hearted, safe, cautious kid. He’s like always trying to do the right thing.

Do you feel like you have a lot in common with him?

Keith: Yes I do, I think thats what helped me get the role. It was almost like it was made for me. We are both always trying to do the right thing.

Can you talk about the SXSW premiere and being on stage in front of a packed house?

Keith: We were all so nervous.

Keith L. Williams, Jacob Tremblay and Brady Noon in Good Boys (Courtesy of Universal Pictures)

How did you get over it?

Keith: We all just took a deep breath, and pulled it off together. That’s the thing that really helps us when we’re like on stage, or doing the interviews. We really just play off of each other. Like if somebody messes up, on a line. One of us would come in and help that person.

What was the hardest thing about working on this movie? Is there a particular scene that was challenging?

Keith: It was taken out, but there was a ball pit scene and you know we’re kids inside of a ball pit so you know we were going to play. And you know, at the end of that day shooting, one of the producers called all of our parents and said they need to focus. We’re in a ball pit how are we supposed to focus?!

What type of project would you like to to do next?

Keith: A drama. You know, I’ve done two comedies now so I would like to switch to something completely different and see how that goes.

Good Boys is in theaters now. Be sure to check out our review for the film here!

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