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80 Years of Batman: Fancasting the New Dark Knight

It is our favourite caped crusader’s 80th anniversary today. For 80 years, DC writers and artists have been telling the dark and twisted tales of one man’s mission to rid his city of evil. Bruce Wayne could have had a comfortable life as an extremely rich man in America. However, the darkness that made him an orphan haunts him every single day, and he is unable to see anything but shadows at every street corner. A restless soul like his needs an outlet, so he turned to a life of fighting crime. For the past 80 years, DC Comics have evolved and explored this iconic hero, revealing to us the many layers hidden in the shadows. It’s clear, fans will never tire from his stories.

Despite not having any God-like powers, Batman has managed to stand the test of time. We have seen him in various forms throughout his years including on the page, in animation, and in live-action. Just as he turns 80, we are about to embark on a new journey with a new live-action Batman (previously played by Ben Affleck, who has stepped away from the role after playing the Dark Knight in Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice and Justice League). The new Batman movie from Matt Reeves will introduce a younger Batman (how much younger is yet to be revealed), but we will know soon enough who will don the cape and cowl.

In honor of the 80th anniversary, some of us here at GoC put our heads together and came up with some of our top choices to take on the latest iteration of Batman. Please note that these choices were based off of the rumour that the actor chosen to play the role in the Matt Reeves film, would be a younger version of Affleck’s Bruce Wayne.

Each choice was a personal one provided by various members on the team, with graphics made by Britany Murphy. Without further ado, here are our top choices to play Bruce Wayne a.k.a. Batman:

Theo James as Batman – pick by: Britany
Tom Cullen as Batman – pick by: Ferdosa
Christopher Sean as Batman – pick by: Maria
Robbie Amell as Batman – pick by: Stark
Richard Madden as Batman – pick by: Maria
Josh Bowman as Batman – pick by: Britany
Tom Bateman as Batman – pick by: Ferdosa

Hope you enjoyed our fancasts! Let us know who some of your choices are for Batman in the comment section below.

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